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  • Application
  • Main Technical Parameters
  • Structures and Working Principles
  • Installations and adjustment
  • Operational Precautions
  • Repair, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Crushing Equipment Instruction Manual File

1. Features of SPC FLOOR Crushing Equipment

FB crusher uses hammer structure, it has the characteristics of stable operation and high production efficiency.

2. Main technical parameters of SPC FLOOR Crushing Equipment

2.1 Host machine

Feed conveying width:                                           1400mm

Feed port size:                                                      1400*80mm

Number of upper rollers:                                            2

Upper roller motor power:                                       3kw

Number of lower rollers:                                            1

Feed rate:                                                                290mm/s

Lower conveyor belt width:                                1195mm

Lower conveyor belt speed:                               16.7m/min

Lower conveyor belt motor power:                     2.2kw

Host motor power:                                                 75kw

Crushing speed:                                                   912r/min

Hole size of screen mesh                                       φ16mm

Production capacity:                                             5 ton

Equipment weight:                                               6 ton

2.2 Secondary conveyor

Framework length and height:3800mm*2400mm;

Conveyor belt width:820mm;

Conveyor belt motor power:3kw;

Storage bin(Optional)、Pedal pneumatic discharge device (Optional) 、Ton bag shelf(Optional)

the transition bucket

3. Structures and Working Principles

Working principles

After the feeding port of the flat plate on the left side of the FB crusher enters the crushing chamber,it is struck under the action of the high-speed hammer and centrifugal force, the broken material which is along the outer edge of the rotor is squeezed, collided, struck and rubbed by hammer, toothed plate and sieve continuously and is rapidly pulverized. The pulverized powder is dropped to the outside of the material feeding device through the sieve and the above process is repeated by the powder which can’t pass the sieve. According to the different needs of the user for the particle size of the material, it can be achieved by replacing the sieves with different pore sizes. According to the fineness requirements of different finished products, make any adjustments.

4. Installations of SPC FLOOR Crushing Equipment

The working place of this crusher should be open, ventilated and have enough retreat space for reliable fire extinguishing equipment.

When the hammer is replaced, the corresponding difference between the two groups shall not exceed 50g. After using the hammer for a period of time, the hammer shall be replaced in time to avoid material accumulation inside. In order to ensure the balance of the rotor and prevent the vibration of the machine, all the hammers must be replaced.

Adjustment of sieve: According to the requirements of crushing fineness, the sieve mesh is selected. After the sieve is worn or damaged, it is necessary to replace the new sieve in time.

The hammer arrangement diagram of this mill is as follows:

5. Operational precautions

Before starting SPC FLOOR Crushing Equipment, the operator should read this manual carefully to understand the structure of the machine and be familiar with the performance and operation methods of the machine.

Adjust and maintain according to the instructions in the instruction manual before stating the machine. At the same time, check whether the fasteners are tightened; in the case of ensuring the safety of the man-machine, the machine can be started up, and the material can be fed for 2-3 minutes without abnormal sound.

Feeding should be uniform, do not be too much or little, do not overload feeding , should ensure that the motor works at rated current.

*The raw materials to be fed must be plates, the width is less than 1350mm, and the thickness is not more than 20mm, otherwise the machine and sieve will be damaged and the hammer will be worn out quickly.

If abnormal noise is found during work, stop the inspection immediately. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate the fault when the machine is running.

*Always check the degree of wear of the hammer, whether the split pin is broken or not. When the fragile parts are seriously worn, it should be replaced in time. The power must be cut off during the replacement. It is not allowed to open the upper case under the condition of running.

After the machine is overhauled, close the upper casing, align the upper and lower casings, lock the fixing bolts, and then turn on the machine. The spindle is required to rotate flexibly. The machine can be turned on without abnormal sound such as card, rubbing or impact.

*After each shift is completed, the machine must be run for a few minutes, and the remaining material can be pumped clean before it can be shut down, and the spindle bearing is filled with lubricating oil.

Pay specially attention to“*”

6. Repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of SPC FLOOR Crushing Equipment

6.1 Repair and maintenance

  1. Operate in strict accordance with the operation method, and each shift should do the necessary inspection and cleaning work.
  2. The machine works for about 4,000 hours, the bearing should be cleaned once, replace the new grease.
  3. After the machine parts are damaged or severely worn, repair the parts or  change the parts in time. The repaired rotor should be checked for dynamic and static balance.
  4. If the downtime is long, the materials in the SPC FLOOR Crushing Equipment should be cleaned to avoid rusting and clogging of the sieve
  5. When the machine is parked for a long time, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and should have moisture-proof facilities.

6.2 Host troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon Fault causes Method of exclusion
Motor starting difficulty 1. The voltage is too low

2. Wire cross-sectional area is too small

1. Avoid the peak of power consumption and start again

2. Replace the wire with the corresponding cross-sectional area

The motor is weak and overheated 1. The motor two-phase operation

2. Motor winding short circuit

3. Long-term overload operation

1. Switch on the resistor, three-phase operation

2. Overhaul motor

3. Operating at rated load

Abnormal noise in the crushing room 1. Iron, stone and other hard objects enter the machine

2. Machine parts are detached or damaged

1. Shut down clearly hard objects

2. Shutdown inspection, replacement parts

Crusher strong vibration 1. Hammer is installed incorrectly

2. The weight difference between the two sets of

hammers is too large.

3. Individual hammers stuck, did not open

4. Spindle bending

5. Bearing damage

6. Rotor imbalance

1. Recheck the installation hammer (arrangement diagram)

2. Re-adjust the weight of each set of hammers

3. Make the hammer flexible

4. Straighten or replace a new axis

5. Replacement bearing

6. Gentle rotor

Significant decline in productivity 1. The motor power is insufficient

2. The hammer is seriously worn

3. Uneven feeding of raw materials

4. Raw material size is too large

1. Overhaul motor

2. Use or replace the new hammer

3. Uniform feeding

4. Reduce feed or shutdown

Feed inlet back spray The material size is too large Open the activity board to clean
Finished product is too thick 1. Hammer wear is severe

2. Sieve damage

1. Replace the hammer

2. Replace sieve

Bearing overheating 1. Too much or too little grease

2. Bearing damage

3. Spindle bending or rotor imbalance

4. Long-term overload work

1. Replace the grease and refuel as required

2. Replacement of new bearings

3. Straightening spindle, balancing rotor

4. Reduce the amount of feed


Belt heating 1. Improper belt tightening

2. Belt slot damage

1. Adjust the tightness

2. Repair or replace

Crushing Equipment Instruction Manual File(Click to read it)

Crusher Introduction.pdf

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