In recent years, the frequency of a new type of green new material floor is increasing, it is SPC floor.

Given to its many advantages different from the traditional floor, once on the market, it has been widely recognized by the market.

Let me make a few comparisons:Healthy and Eco-friendlySPC floor is a green and environmentally friendly new material floor. Which does not contain heavy metals such as formaldehyde, benzene, lead and cadmium, and is non-toxic and harmless throughout the process from raw materials to processing, and is environmentally friendly.

SPC floor provides a family with a safe and healthy home.Common wood floor has pungent odor such as glue, which is harmful to the body Distortion-resistance. The SPC floor can cope with humidity and large temperature changes. In the face of extreme temperature changes, it can show more excellent performance, can resist thermal expansion and contraction, and can achieve large-area paving without deformation.

The SPC floor has fine size stability and an unnoticed crevice. Wood floors tend to shrink and crack. The feeling of the foot SPC floor has excellent thermal conductivity and helps to maintain floor temperature. So it does not get cold even in rainy days. Unlike the hard surface of the ceramic floor.

The SPC floor is soft and provides additional comfort when standing or walking barefoot. The foot feels comfortable, and the baby can directly touch the ground and enjoying play as much as they like. Ceramic tile ground would chill you if you sit and play directly or walk barefoot.

WaterproofnessBecause SPC vinyl base is completely waterproof, SPC floor has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Water sprinkled on the floor will not penetrate into the interior and still remain the same.Water sprinkled on ordinary wooden floors can easily penetrate into the floor inside and cause mildew.


Impact Resistance

SPC floor, made of natural limestone powder, is a very durable flooring option. Its dense-core make it resistant to major impacts, scrapes and scratches.

SPC floor is against daily bumps. Ordinary floor tiles can not withstand heavy impact and are fragile.

Wear resistance

Among all the floors, solid wood floor is the least resistant to scratch, we often can see the surface of real wood floor appears all sorts of scratches, relatively speaking, SPC floor is resistant to scratch better performance.

SPC floors remain smooth after being ravaged by pets.

Ordinary wood floor can not withstand scratches, easy to leave scratches.

SPC floor generally has its own click, loose lay, no nails, simple and fast paving, and easy to disassemble, and it can be quickly replaced or reuse. At the same time, compared with other floor installation, the installation is dust-free which prevent secondary pollution; After installation, it can be put into use faster.

Unilin click system can realize simple and fast installation

The installation of common wood floor is time-consuming and laborious, and has huge construction quantities.

Comparison result: SPC floor undoubtedly wins.

Of course, these are just part of many of the great advantages of having SPC rigid vinyl flooring. It also has advantages of flame retardant, anti-skid, easy maintenance and reasonable price. In the future, with the people’s understanding of SPC floor becoming clearer and deeper, more and more people are inclined to choose SPC floor as the flooring decoration material.


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