SPC FLOOR Dust Remover Instruction Manual Book



  • Machine Introduction
  • Safety Precautions
  • Machine instructions
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Troubleshooting of faults and errors
  • Technical Parameters
  • Appendix

Introduction of SPC FLOOR Dust Remover

1.1 Overview

This machine is used to remove plate for sanding polishing processing such as dust, after the machine processing of the surface of the plate clean, so that the next roller coating process runs smoothly, thus improve the quality of coating, in addition to the dust by dust bag or dust collection system centralized processing, prevent the workshop layer of dust float in the sky. Feeding conveyor with CVT device control, can be in the light of the characteristics of both the work-piece to adjust its transmission speed.

1.2 Machine construction and functions

1.2.1 The machine structure

Conveying system

It is composed of active wheel transmission, passive wheel transmission, transmission motor, reducer and conveyor belt.

Dust removal brush system

It is composed of brush wheel, pressure wheel and transmission part.

Out of the dust system

The output diameter is 100mm*2, and the power of small blower is 180W*2.

1.2.2 Electric control instructions

The electric control system of the machine is connected to each electrical part by a distribution box, which can control each part of the machine. See appendix for the circuit diagram and terminal wiring diagram.

1.2.3  How the machine works

Artifacts into

The work-piece to be processed can be put into the conveying system manually (single machine operation) or sent into the conveying system (pipeline operation) through the conveying equipment.

Dust removal process

Before dust removal operation, the height between the brush wheel and the conveyor belt must conform to the work-piece passing height. When the work-piece length is less than 400MM, adjust the direction of the dedusting brush wheel to clockwise rotation. After starting the dust removal system, dust is recovered through the dust collection system.

1.3 The control panel

Button                                                Function
Start                                                       This button controls the start of the machine
Stop                                                       Press this switch and all activities of the machine will stop
The control panel                              The speed of the machine is controlled by the frequency converter. Please refer to the           instructions for using the frequency converter
Brush the switch                              Control the brush wheel, divided into start and stop two gear
Flow switch                                       Control the fan, divided into start and stop two gears
Transfer switch                                Control conveyor belt, divided into start and stop two gears

Safety precautions

This section will outline the most important safety rules. Failure to comply with these rules and the incorrect use of the machine can be dangerous, even threatening life and personal safety and the owner’s systems and other property.

2.1 Safety mark


Long-term storage

Do not store in a room below minus 20 ℃.(the room must be dry and weatherproof)

※ Remove the control panel from the machine

※ Use a durable anti-rust oil to preserve all exposed metal

※ The machine rests on a wooden foundation

Machine instructions

Before operating the machine, you must read the operation manual carefully and make sure that you are familiar with the functions of the machine. You must understand the basic operating principle and know the location of the safety switch.


3.1 Open the machine

In order to make the machine work normally, the following points must be paid attention to:

※ The power cord is well connected.

※ Good communication between machines (equipped with a fully wired model).


After the above check is no problem, you can start the machine.


Boot and operation manual

※ Turn on the main power switch in the electric box.

※ Open the control power on the operation panel and set the working production height.

※ Check all safety switches on the machine.

※ Check the machine for any abnormality, and solve the problem in time.

※ Press the start button.

※ Check whether the rotation direction of the small blower motor is consistent with the indication. If not, switch two of the wires.

※ Check the brush wheel steering is correct.

※ Use a board to adjust the height of the pressure wheel so that the brush can brush to the surface of the board.

※ Set machine parameters.

※ Turn on the conveyor belt switch.

3.2 Set up machine

3.2.1 Set delivery speed

The conveying speed can be set on the operation panel, and the unit displayed on the screen is meter/minute.

3.2.2 Set working height

The height to be processed can be adjusted through the up and down adjustment buttons or manual wheel adjustment.

3.3 How to use the machine

Use the brush

※ Before the machine starts working, make sure that the brush wheel is rotated in the right direction.

※ Set the height of the brush wheel before working.

※ Clean the surface dust in time after use.


Use the conveyer

Incorrect handling can result in belt damage. Therefore:

※ Check that the conveyor belt is resistant to any chemicals in the paint before use.

※ Do not open the conveyor belt without compressed air.(applicable to models with automatic offset adjustment)

※ Immediately switch off the conveyor belt switch again if the conveyor belt is one-sided.

※ Clean the conveyor belt thoroughly. Only when the surface is clean can the conveyor belt operate freely.


Cleaning the conveyor belt

※ Dab some detergent on a cloth. The inside side of the conveyor belt must be kept dry.

※ Clean the surface of the conveyor belt with water.

※ After cleaning the conveyor belt, wipe it dry.

3.4 Shut down the machine

 3.4.1 End of production

※ Remove dust remaining on the machine.

※ Switch OFF the control power (press and hold the OFF button on the operation panel).

3.4.2 Emergency stop

In case of emergency, press the emergency stop switch or disconnect a safety switch immediately. All machine activities will stop immediately, but the main switch and cable are still energized.

3.4.3 Start again after emergency stop

Follow these steps to restart the machine

※Ensure that machine startup does not threaten operator’s safety.

※ release the emergency stop switch.

※Inspect the machine for faults and correct any that may occur.

※Press the ON button ON the control panel.

Maintenance and Repair of SPC FLOOR Dust Remover

 4.1 Maintenance periodic table

If the machine is running for 8 hours per day, please check the machine according to the following table during the working hours

Working hours Inspection focus person in charge
8 hours (per day)  Dust the machine after each working day. The operator

40 hours (per week)

 Brush wheel adjustment/height adjustment

Check if the two rollers are parallel and adjust as needed.

Check height adjustment device and adjust as needed


The operator


160 hours (per month)

 Brush wheel down (press wheel up 3mm)

Grease high speed bearings once


The operator






500 hours (per season)

Conveying equipment

Clean and lubricate drive bearings.

Brush wheel adjustment/height adjustment

Clean and lubricate screw rod, chute, thread spindle.

Lubricate the bearings of the stand.

Electric control cabinet

Clean the air filter of the electric control cabinet and replace it if it is seriously polluted.







1000 hours (every 6 months)  Change the reducer oil once professionals



2000 hours (per year)

The whole machine

Check the condition of the machine – whether it is electrical or mechanical.

Check all screw contacts, plug contacts, wiring, the condition of the pipe (e.g. the contact condition, the wiring terminal of the circuit)Insulation and side connections), replace them as needed.

To stabilize the brackets, check all spiral contact points and plug contacts point, tighten as needed.





Trouble shooting and errors

         Phenomenon  Reason Solution





The machine doesn’t start properly.

 The conveyor belt does not move. The delivery motor is out of order. Replace the motor.
The emergency stop switch resets. The chain is loose. Tighten the chain.
Overload causes electrical tripping. The gear screw has come loose.
The dust blower doesn’t work. The heat protection burns out, column heat transfer protection
Dust removal is not clean. Adjust the pressure wheel.
The dust brush doesn’t work. The thermal protection null line is burnt out. Replace the null line

Technical Parameters of SPC FLOOR Dust Remover

                                                                                               600#/1000#/1300# Dust remover

Equipment model
Working height                                                                                      800mm
Working width                                                                                       600mm/1000mm/1300mm
 Artifact features
Types of artifacts                                                                                  Flooring, furniture, decorative board
Maximum working width                                                                  600mm/1000mm/1300mm
Minimum work-piece length                                                            300mm
Maximum work-piece thickness                                                     80mm
Minimum work-piece thickness                                                     3mm
Driving wheel
Diameter                                                                                      140mm
Speed                                                                                             5-20m/min
Flush round
Diameter                                                                                        140mm
Speed                                                                                            5-20m/min
The belt specification                                                            620mm*10000mm/ 1020mm*10000mm/1320mm*10000mm
Conveyor speed                                                                      5-20m/min

5.Dust Remover Operation Manual  File(Click to read it)

Dust remover operation manual.pdf

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