SPC Floor Extrusion Machine Site Acceptance Test in U.S. Factory


SPC Floor Extrusion Machine Site Acceptance Test in U.S. Factory

StarsPlas is the Engineering Company for ROK SPC Flooring Project in Cartersville, GA. The 1st SPC Rigid Core Floor production line will be launched in the U.S. in July.2019.

SPC Flooring Production SAT Testing

What`s the SAT for SPC Floor Extrusion Machine?


A Site Acceptance Test: SAT performed at the user`s site after the complete installation and final configuration. the SAT is to test and check functionalities with other interfaces at the user`s production site.

SPC flooring machine PLC System

Why we need to do the SAT for SPC Floor Extrusion Machine?

A Factory Acceptance Test: FAT (Please find the link for:  FAT before shipping to US) is to verify that the system and its components function properly that all spare parts assembly software generation and configuration have been done correctly and completely manufacturing site.

The SAT test should repeat FAT or an acceptable subset of the test to verify that no damage occurred during shipment and installation.

SPC Flooring Production

What preparation for the SAT?

Connect all equipment and ensure water, electricity cables and compressed air was well connected.
Cable Connections: All of the electrical cable connection to the cabinet was contracted with a local electrical company.
Compressed Air Connections and Testing;
Chilled Water Connections.

Weighing for SPC Flooring Production

The general procedure of SPC Floor Production SAT:

  1. Purge Materials

    SPC Floor Purge Materials

    The SAT is the final acceptance testing, it will take 4-6hours during the whole testing processing.

    The purge materials should be loaded into the extruder by manual when the SAT finished, how to mix the purge materials? Please see more details here: Purge Materials for SPC Flooring Production.

    Printed Film and Wear Layer Film

    SPC Floor Film Loading

    Printed film and wear layer Film should be loaded to the extrusion mezzanine, standing by for changing in case of the film run out.

  2. Tools for starting up

    SPC Flooring Production Measurement

    There are kinds of tools need to be prepared before machine running: Measuring Tools, Pulling tools and safety protectors:

    Wooden flakeboard for Purge materials extrusion

    Blades take off before Pulling

    Knife and Marker for cutting to tie the rope

    Measurement (Take measure at the anticlockwise side)

    Heating protection Gloves, Jacket, helmet etc.

  3. Heating up Machine for Production

    SPC Floor Production Training in U.S.

    Heating up T-die and adopater 15-20mins before the extruder at 150degree for all, then set up the different temperature for different heating zones.

    The engineer team is experienced, Mr. Wu is the processing engineer, he in charge of the formulation and operation training for ROK team, the native production team benefit tremendously from the training, the young team need to gain experience from daily production.

  4. Inspection and Calibration

    SPC Flooring Production Thickness Measuring

    SPC Flooring Production Temp Measurement

    Thickness is one of the important specification of the floor. It may cost more waste in the next processing if the board has the flatness defect. The thickness and flatness inspection is the top critical in extrusion, it needs to be implemented throughout the whole production process.

    The board temperature should be monitored during production, the shrinkage and warp rate may exceed the limit.

  5. Fine Turning

    SPC Floor Production

    The machine SAT for SPC extrusion lines were passed, but there are some minor problems due to lacking of the production experience.

    The trim cutting has rough materials, it may bring the particles on coating processing, it may bring more

    If you never do it wrong, you never know how to do it right. Starsplas engineers will support ROK team for technical training in their daily production. Let`s do something better together!

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