SPC FLOOR Milling Equipment Instruction Manual Book



  1. Overview
  2. Use and Characteristics
  3. Equipment Structure and Working Principle
  4. Product Model and Main Technical Parameters
  5. Installation, commissioning and operation of products
  6. Maintenance and common troubleshooting
  7. Principle of transport storage and custody
  8. Common troubleshooting methods
  9. Cyclone Milling Equipment Instruction Manual File


SPC FLOOR Milling Equipment is a new generation of ultra-micro grinding equipment developed by our company on the basis of the existing ultra-micro grinding technology and through technical cooperation with German companies and companies. Its technology is In the domestic leading position and fills the domestic blank. The whole machine and its wear-resistant device has been granted a national patent. It provides high efficiency and energy saving ultra-micro pulverizing equipment for powder engineering industry in China. German engineering company is a company specializing in the research and development of ultra-fine powder processing technology for more than 30 years. The ultra-micro pulverizing equipment developed by the company enjoys first-class standards, high popularity and excellent reputation in Germany and the international market.

HWM cyclone mill has an advanced principle. It has a unique non-disassembly adjustable clearance function, grinding zone produced by the strong eddy has amazing grinding effect and drying effect. Compared with other crushers, the results show that the material from HWM cyclone mill inlet to export through the shortest route, so its crushing energy consumption is also the lowest, and it is the special material processing of high-grade powder equipment. Its excellent technical performance even surpasses the similar foreign equipment and can completely replace the import. It is an ideal powder equipment with good performance, small size, low energy consumption and low noise.

Use and characteristics

HWM cyclone grinding is a universal ultra-micro grinder suitable for Inorganic and organic matter are crushed, which is widely used in chemical industry, dye, plastic, non-metallic mineral, medicine, feed, food industry such as low to medium hardness material of superfine grinding. It can superfine crush almost all heat-sensitive materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, PVC, PE and fiber and the granularity of the finest products can reach 2 ~ 5 um.

The features of the machine are as follows:

  1. It adopts conical rotor and stator, and the clearance between rotor and stator can be adjusted by lifting the upper box (stator) to control fineness and output, and the clearance adjustment range is 0~5mm;
  2. The rotor is made of special European high-strength steel and high-hardness wear-resisting castings. The speed of the outermost end line of the rotor is more than 125m/s, and it has a long service life.
  3. Computer – aided design of the box makes the discharge more smooth and the noise less and greatly reduces the phenomenon of micro powder wall in the treatment of viscous and cohesive materials;
  4. The air volume is very large, the temperature rise is low when crushing, it’s especially suitable for thermoplastic and fibrous materials, the product size is uniform;
  5. Under the rotor can be optional with the wind blade to increase the air flow;
  6. It’s onvenient for maintenance, operation and cleaning.

Structure and working principle of SPC FLOOR Milling Equipment

This machine is a turbine-type ultra-micro grinder. It is composed of frame, body, crushing device, feeding hopper, transmission device and motor. It consists of main engine, classifier, high pressure centrifugal fan, closing fan, cyclone collector and electric control cabinet.

The main working principle of HWM is as follows: After adding boredom from the top of the upper box, it is quickly dispersed by the pre-crushing blade on the upper part of the rotor, scattered to the four walls of the stator, and entered the crushing zone composed of the rotor and the stator. The large amount of air flow generated by the super-high speed rotation of the rotor is not only affected by the internal rotation and value components of the machine, but also by the appropriate guidance in the machine, which is transformed into numerous turbulent turbulence. These are numerous air turbulences in the crushing zone, which drive the material and accelerate it to the same speed as the air flow.

However, the direction and speed of these materials are suddenly changed in a very short time. As a result, the crusher’s principle is that the particles collide with each other and complete the ideal cracking in the high-speed airflow. Only a small fraction of the particles are refined by in-plane motion and impact of stationary components. During the whole stay of material particles in the HMW whirlwind milling, the total air flow is collected. Therefore, the heat inevitably generated in the ultra-fine grinding process is also taken away by the air as the grinding medium. Large flow of air and its rapid turbulence ensure the minimum humidity rise. The above-mentioned super-high speed grinding principle makes the HMW whirlwind milling without screening device particularly suitable for providing technically safe and economically beneficial solutions to the problems existing in grinding and drying operations.

Product type and main technical parameters

  1. The model of HMW whirlwind milling is illustrated with HMW-500 as an example as follows:

H        M     W   -   500    Crushing Disk Diameter



HOBER Technical Model

2. The main parameters of HMW whirlwind milling are shown in the table below.














Productivity ratio 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5
Rotor diameter(mm) 250 500 750 1000 1250
Rotor speed(r/min)  9550 4775 3183 2387 1910
Crushing granularity(um)                    2~250
Maximum air handling capacity (m3/h)  










Power(kw) 11~18.5 30~45 45~75 55~110 75~132
Throughput(kg/h) 30~800 80~2000 100~3000 200~4500 300~6000
Host weight(kg) 500 1100 2300 3000 3600

Installation, commissioning and operation of products

Installation and commissioning

  1. In addition to providing HWM whirlwind milling mainframe, the company can provide the series of ultra-fine grinding equipment according to user requirements.
  2. The equipment should be firmly connected, the joint of pipeline should be tight to prevent air leakage. If the seal is not tight, it will not only cause dust pollution, but also cause abnormal operation of the whole system, affecting production capacity and product quality.
  3. The electric control cabinet should be placed in the place where the operation is convenient and it is convenient to observe the operation of the equipment. The electrical connection between the equipments should be placed in the pipeline according to the relevant regulations of the state.
  4. Electrical control cabinet should be equipped with switch-on and stop buttons of various equipment, working indicator lights, current indicators of crushing motor and fan motor, adjusting knobs of feeding motor and grading motor and various protective devices.
  5. The sequence of start-up and stop operation of various equipment:

Start-up should be in the following order: shutdown fan fan dust collector (pulse) grading motor main motor feeding motor. Stop feeding 5 to 10 minutes before shutdown and shut down in reverse order.

  1. The particle size of the fine powder processed by the equipment can be adjusted within a certain range according to the user’s requirements. When adjusting, the powder sample is taken out and screened out by laser particle size distribution tester or corresponding particle size measurement. If the product size is coarse, the grinding clearance can be reduced and the speed of the classifier can be increased appropriately until it meets the requirements. On the contrary, if the particle size of the product is too fine, the grinding clearance can be increased and the speed of the classifier can be reduced appropriately.
  2. When the size of the product reaches the requirement, the load of the main motor can be adjusted by observing the ammeter. If the load is too small or too large, the feed quantity can be changed by increasing or decreasing the speed of the feed motor appropriately, so that the load of the main motor can be kept in the optimum state.
  3. The air volume of the conveying pipeline can be realized by adjusting the opening degree of the air door of the induced draft fan. Air volume

When the product size becomes coarser, the output also increases, and vice versa, when the air volume can meet the requirements of product size and productivity, it is generally no longer adjusted.

  1. The tension of the belt should be checked regularly to prevent the belt from slipping.
  2. The complete set of equipment should be equipped with pulse bag dust collector. The specific operation can be seen in its instructions.

Operational safety rules

  1. Working conditions

1.1 Ambient temperature – 10~40C;

1.2 No more than 1000 m above sea level;

1.3 Working power supply voltage 380v;

1.4 It is advisable that the moisture content of the material entering the crushing machine is not more than 5% and the feed particle is not more than 2 mm.

  1. The crushed raw materials should not contain metal inclusions such as iron nails. If these inclusions enter the crushing chamber, they will cause serious damage to the crusher.
  2. Before starting the machine, check whether the connecting parts are loose, whether the connecting interfaces are well sealed, whether metal inclusions fall into the crusher and classifier, and whether the rotating parts are flexible. If there are abnormal phenomena, the back can be turned on.
  3. In order to inspect the internal working parts of the ultrafine crusher, the power supply of the main engine must be cut off first. After the machine stops turning completely, the machine maintenance door should be opened for inspection and maintenance.
  4. Correct wiring should be made according to the direction of rotation indicated by the machine arrow.
  5. Lubricating grease should be added in strict accordance with regulations.

Maintenance and common troubleshooting methods of SPC FLOOR Milling Equipment

Clean the crusher regularly. When cleaning with water, do not sprinkle water on the motor and bearing seals.

When it is necessary to replace the fragile parts and maintain them, it should be done after the power supply of the main engine and the whole system is turned off.


The bearing lubrication of this machine adopts the special high-speed and high-temperature lubricating grease of “Hump” brand, which is specially matched with this machine. The amount of added lubricating grease accounts for about one third of the bearing ring, and the period of replacing lubricating grease is as follows:

The first replacement cycle is 100 hours after work.

The second replacement cycle is 500 hours after work.

Change every 1000 hours later.

The bearing seat of HWM whirlwind milling is equipped with grease filling nozzles. Oil should be injected with an oil gun once every week after operation.

Principles of Transport Storage and Custody

After all products are packed in packing boxes, they can be transported by railway or highway. There should be no big impact or vibration during transportation to prevent deformation, loss and sunscreen parts.

Good ventilation, moisture-proof, rain-proof and sun-proof measures should be taken in product storage.

The product should be coated with rust-proof oil for long-term storage.

Common troubleshooting methods are shown in the table below:

Fault Phenomenon Fault Cause Elimination Method
Material is ejected from the top feeding port of the body. 1.Material clogging comminution chamber 1. Find out the cause of blockage and reduce feeding
2. Insufficient pressure of matching fan 2. Inspection or replacement of fans
Decline in productivity 1. Belt skidding of crusher 1. Tension of belt
2. Blade Wear 2. Replacement of blades
3. Blockage 3. Clear up clogging
The finished product is too coarse or too fine 1. Over-high or too low rotational speed of stage impeller 1. Adjusting the Rotating Speed of Classified Impeller
2. The comminution gap is too large or too small. 2.Adjusting comminution clearance
The crusher has large vibration 1. Disequilibrium of crushing disks 1. Balanced Disk
2. Bearing damage, loose connection 2. Replacement of bearings and tightening of connecting bolts
The motor won’t start 1. Fuse Burning 1. Replacement of fuses
2. Damage of electrical components 2. Check the wiring and replace the components
3. Material jam 3. Clean up the material after cutting off the power supply
Bearing overheating 1. Lack of grease 1. Add grease
2. Bearing damage 2. Replacement of bearings
3. Overload Operation 3. Adjusting Feed Volume
Abnormal sound in crusher 1. Hard materials such as iron and stone enter the machine. 1. Stop the machine and clear the material. The material should be fed by the magnetic separator.
2. Loss or loosening of internal parts 2. Stop check, replace parts, fasten connectors

Cyclone Milling Equipment Instruction Manual File(Click to read it)

Cyclone Milling user guide.pdf

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