SPC FLOOR Sheet Conveyor Instruction Manual Book



  • Machine Introduction
  • Safety Precautions
  • Machine instructions
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Troubleshooting of faults and errors
  • Technical Parameters

Introduction of the machine

1.1 Overview

The machine is mainly used for the transportation of plates, and can also be placed in the assembly line to facilitate the unqualified or repaired products. The conveying method can be roller, belt, Teflon, stainless steel mesh, etc. The conveying speed is adjusted by frequency, which is suitable for the conveying speed of various machines.

1.2 Machine constructions and functions

1.2.1 Machine constructions

Main components: active drive wheel, passive drive wheel, belt adjustment device, transmission motor, reducer, conveyor belt.

Conveying device: conveying device is composed of conveying belt and main/passive wheels at opposite ends.

Conveyor belt size
Length                                     1M                                          1.5M                                                 2M                                                     2.5M
600#                         620mm*2000mm                620mm*3000mm                       620mm*4000mm                            620mm*5000mm

1000#                     1020mm*2000mm              1020mm*3000mm                      1020mm*4000mm                         1020mm*5000mm

1300#                     1320mm*2000mm               1320mm*3000mm                      1320mm*4000mm                         1320mm*5000mm

Anti-deviation adjusting device which side of the conveyor belt runs off, turn the screws on that side inward, or turn the screws on the opposite side outward.

1.2.2 Pneumatic system

This part is only suitable for folding conveyor, used for controlling folding part.

1.3 Operation function introduction

The transmission speed of the machine can be set through the frequency converter on the operation paneling.

Safety precautions

This section will outline the most important safety rules. Failure to comply with these rules and the incorrect use of the machine can be dangerous, even threatening life and personal safety and the owner’s systems and other property.

2.1 Safety mark


Machine instructions

Before operating the machine, you must read the operation manual carefully and make sure that you are familiar with the functions of the machine. You must understand the basic operating principle and know the location of the safety switch.

3.1 Open the machine

In order to make the machine work normally, the following points must be paid attention to:

※  The power cord is well connected.

※  Good communication between machines (equipped with a fully wired model).

After the above check is no problem, you can start the machine.

Boot and operation manual

※  Switch on the main power switch in the electric box.

※  Check whether the machine is abnormal, and solve problems in time.

※  Immediately turn off the power supply if the conveyor belt goes off course.

※  Switch on the conveyor belt.

3.2 Setting up the machine

3.2.1 Set the conveying speed

The conveying speed can be set on the operation panel, and the unit displayed on the screen is meter/minute.

3.2.2 Set the working height

The working height of the machine can be adjusted by adjusting the horn foot screws at the bottom of the machine.

3.3 Usage of the machine

Conveyor belt     Incorrect operation can result in belt damage. Therefore:

※ Check that the conveyor belt is resistant to any chemical elements in the  coating before use.

※ Do not open the conveyor belt without compressed air.(applicable to models  with automatic offset adjustment)

※ Immediately switch off the conveyor belt switch again if the conveyor belt is one-sided.

※ Thoroughly clean the conveyor belt. Only when the surface is clean can the conveyor belt operate freely.


Cleaning conveyor belt

※ The inside side of the conveyor belt must be kept dry.

※ Clean the surface of the conveyor belt with water.

※ After cleaning the conveyor belt, wipe it dry.

3.4 Shut down the machine

After washing the machine thoroughly, turn it off! Do not leave paint on the machine.

Maintenance and repair

4.1 Maintenance precautions

※ Grease high speed bearings once a month.

※ Dust should be removed from the machine after work.

※ For any enquiries about the inspection and maintenance of motor work,   please refer to the corresponding content of the manufacturer’s operating rules.

Troubleshooting of faults and errors









The machine is not running properly.


There is no power supply.


Check whether the power cord is connected inversely.



The conveyor belt does not move.


Check the motor for damage.


Check whether the frequency converter is abnormal.

Technical parameters

                                                                600#/1000#/1300#  Belt conveyor

Equipment model
  Working height                                                800mm
  Working width                                                 600mm/1000mm/1300mm
Artifact features
  Types of artifacts                                            Flooring, furniture, decorative board
  Maximum working width                            600mm/1000mm/1300mm
  Minimum work piece length                       300mm
  Maximum work piece thickness                  80mm
Minimum work piece thickness                    3mm
 The belt specification                                   620mm*10000mm/ 1020mm*10000mm/1320mm*10000mm
Conveyor speed                                             5-20m/min

5.Conveyor User Manual(Click to read it)

Conveyor machine using instructions.pdf


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