SPC Flooring is Entering A New Period – The 4th Generation Robot Automatic Production and Packaging Solution


SPC Flooring Automatic Production and Packaging Solution

SPC Flooring is Entering A New Period – The 4th Generation Robot is doing more jobs during the whole SPC flooring processing, the innovation is almost every month, while SPC Flooring Factories requires better quality with more effectively, the robot is ready to take more jobs from workers in future SPC Flooring Workshop.

SPC Flooring Automatic Production and Packaging Solution

What`s SPC Flooring Automatic Packaging Machine?

Automatic Packaging system combined from UV coating, cutting & slotting, Backside cushion pad(with by-pass system for without pad), automatic packaging and Robot arm for stacker,

The Mixing and Extrusion is another automatic system.


What` s the standard processing procedure for SPC Flooring Automatic Production and Packaging Solution?

SPC Flooring Production

Firstly, the materials will come to the extruder after the mixing, the first processing the produce the SPC Flooring Sheet ( 985mmx1220mm), the Fork lift will conveying each pallet to UV coating area for standing by;

SPC Flooring UV Coating

The UV coating always requires the ABBA( for protecting the surface, the surface temperature is around 35~38 degrees, the printed surface is easy to stick on the backside ) stacking after extrusion, and feeding by labors.

The fork lift will move the SPC floor sheets after UV coating, and waiting 18hours for keeping the temperature coming down for the surface oil solidification

SPC Flooring Cutting Machine

The SPC Flooring Profile Machine( Click System Cutting & Slotting) will cut the SPC Sheet into floors, normally the width is 6inches or 7inches.

Backside Cusion Pad Machine

IXPE Cushion Pad can give better feet feeling and less sound when you walking on SPC flooring, more than 60% SPC Floors will use the backside Cushion Pad.


Chinese workers are one of the most effective in the world, they may work 10hours per shift, even that the just can finished 20 pallet/day, which can be assured one of the human limits, the 4th generation Robot can easy handling 96 pallet/day, all data is traceable and stored.

The performance difference is not only in capacity, we can easily distinguish which is packaged by human or Robot, customer can`t see the quality inside of the carton, if we just check the package, which brand SPC floor you will trust is better?


(P.S.: The left side was packaged by Labors, the right side was packaged by Robot.)

The most important reason StarsPlas design the Fully Automatic SPC Flooring Production Machine is for saving the production cost and labors.

Processing Normally Automatically
UV Coating 4 1
Sawing 1 0
Slotting 3 1
Back Cushion Pad 4 1
Catton Packaging 5 1
Pallet Packaging 2 1
Labor/shift 19 5


Who is our partner for SPC Flooring Automatic Production and Packaging Solution?

AB Rockwell

The Smart controlling system will be help you to supervise the SPC Flooring production, AB is Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of Factory Automation Equipment manufactured by Rockwell Automation.

Allen-Bradley and Rockwell  founded in 1903 in US, which was 100% meet UL and US safety standard, in North America, the 85% marketing share are very powerful, Starsplas would like to bring a perfect project to our user with the cooperation of Rockwell Group.


UL Certification

Safe is everything, all components were certified by US safety organization, When it comes to electrical safety in North America UL is the Gold Standard. UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions.  StarsPlas guarantee that every componets have been manufactured and assembled with the highest degree of safety.

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