SPC Flooring Extrusion Line Turn Off Procedure


SPC Flooring Extrusion Line Turn Off Procedure



The twin-screw extruder has a feeding device, screw structure and geometric shape are relatively complex. Generally, twin-screw extruder does not unload its head after work (because it is too troublesome, especially the connecting parts). When it stops after work, it is certain that there are still many materials in the machine. If you don’t try to get them out, then these materials must be decomposed or scorched when heating and warming up before the next production starts. If they are pasted and adhered to the screw and the machine barrel, the whole machine has to be disassembled, screw pulled out, internal and external cleaning, clean up before re-installation and reuse, even more troublesome. Therefore, the turn off procedure must be executed before shutdown the machine.

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