SPC Flooring Machine FAT Testing


Location: GanLan XIGL,  Wuxi, China;
Date: Aug. 20~24th, 2018;


The SPC Waterproof Floor Extrusion Machine FAT Testing is successfully finished on Aug.24th,2018.

This trail run took 6 days, we appreciated the supporting from StarsPlas partners. Thanks for Yamaka providing us with a mixture of raw materials(A PVC/WPC Wall Panel manufacturer).

And also thanks for all of our supplier chain free support, Additives by Joysun; Decorative Film by Yunchang; Wear Layer Film by Intime.


What is SPC flooring?

spc flooring

SPC flooring is a new kind of environmental protection home decoration material. It is fireproof, waterproof, formaldehyde-free, easy to maintain, easy to install and other advantages. So in recent years SPC flooring has been particularly popular in Europe and America.


How to produce the SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring includs many processing, today we just tested from Mixing to Sheet Panel stacking:

Mixing → Extrusion → Film Covering→ Slid cutting → Stacking

The UV Coating, Profiling Slotting, Backside padding laminating and Packaging will be processed after that.

About the whole process, you can visit: http://www.starsplas.com/spc-flooring-rigid-vinyl-plank-project/

Day 1

Step1: Mixing

According to the standard SPC Flooring formulation, the milled recycled materials roughly 14% should be put into the mixer, which helps for promoting the plasticizing with PVC and CaCO3.

spc flooring

P.S.: The formulation and materials just for your reference, each of the final recipe requires a little bit adjustment according to screw and barrel.

However, most new project don`t have the stable milled recycled materials initially, so we have the special formulate for initial starting up without any recycled materials, and change the PVC : CaCO3 into 1:2 for easier plasticizing for Floor sheet.

Step2: Extrusion

Extrusion is critical step in the whole process,

Setting up the suitable temperature for each heating zones of barrel and T-die, control the speed of screw and monitor the electric current for stable pushing to connect with 4-Roller calender.

spc flooring extrusion

Step3: Film covering

The 4-roller calendering machine is used for control the homogeneous thickness and combine the color film covering and wear layer with core layer. This is a calibration processing with laminating for 2 films and embossing online, the difficult processing requires some experience in SPC flooring production, so the skilled operator is very important for produce high quality flooring, and they are well paid roughly 15,000RMB(2000~3000$/Month) in 2017~2018.

spc flooring filming

Step4: Slid cutting

The extrusion die width is 1050mm, while the color decorative film is 985mm, so there leaves roughly 30mm for cutting each sizes, which is ready for profiling slotting machine into 4 or 5 pieces.

spc flooring slide cutting

Step5: Stacking

Finally, the laminate floor sheet is under the action of the traction machine and comes to the cutting machine position for cutting. And the vacuum sucker device will transfer into the stacker.

spc flooring stacker

Day 2

Today we tested the standard formulation for check all the machine performance and output capacity, normally the extrusion line of 92mm can produce 14~15tons, roughly 1300~1500sqm according to the difference thickness from 3.5~5mm.



SPC Flooring is easy for formulation controlling in extrusion part, not like WPC, there is no worry about foam agent less or over than the standard, so the quality is easy to control.

The key point is the laminating processing, the operator should be skilled enough for pulling out the sheet panel from extrusion die into the 4-rollers, and make a perfect embossing with laminating processing.

Here is our SPC Flooring Machine FAT Testing video on youtube:

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