SPC Flooring Mixing System


  • Description:

The SPC flooring mixing system is designed by STARSPLAS.The HMI control system software has the copyright and patent,the industrial PC combined with DCS for real-time dynamic monitoring,stores a plurality of groups of formula.The system integrates automatic feeding system,central dust collecting system,recycling system.The Central control system can realize the other processing included the RPM,temperature,quantity etc.The HMI system leads to labor-saving and visual processing system.

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  • Mainly include following process of spc flooring dosing system:

1.pvc resin weighing system

2.additives weighing

3.little material weighing

4.liquid material feeding

5.mixing tool can be designed according to different application.

6.storing and conveying system

7.feeding into extruder

  • Technical specification:

  • type capacity(l) effective capacity(l) paddle speed(rpm) motor(kw) gases consumption(m^3/min) weight(t) mixing time m/p.pot
    heat cool
    SRL-W800/2500 800/2500 560/1024 357/714-80 83/110-22 ≤0.6 8.3 8-12 6-10
    SRL-W1000/3500 1000/3500 700/2000 325/650-80 110/160-37 ≤0.7 11 8-12 6-10
    SRL-W1300/4500 1300/4500 910/2450 300/600-60 132/200-37 ≤0.7 12.5 8-12 6-10
    SRL-W2000/6000 2000/6000 1450/3900 300/50-50 250/315-55 ≤0.8 15 8-12 6-10
  • Features:

1.All important pares (bowl,mixing tool,control cabinet)are manufactured in our company,which ensure the quality of machine.

2.All material in contact with product is in SS304 or aluminum alloy and the product will not be contaminated.

3.High cooling efficiency,short dosing time,easy and convenient to clean,and can reach high output.

4.Improved cooling efficiency and reduced water consumption.

5.Mixing tool can be designed according to different application.

6.Mixing tool coated with wear-resistant material,which can increase service life and past dynamic and static balance test,running smoothly.

7.Rapid, perfect after-sales service.

  • Advantage:

1.Automatic feeding system –unmanned

SPC PVC automatic mixing solution is professionally designed for PVC or WPC plastic industry in mixing workplace.This set of confined system is used for automatically measuring,feeding,mixing,dosing to the extrusion of variety powders,particles and liquid.

2.Central dust collecting system-dust-free

The mixing workplace of PVC and WPC plastic industry is mass dust and workers are mobile.In the use of centralized feeding system we choose to connect the dust collection with the dust occurring outlet,so that collecting and recycling use of this part.Dust-free workshop is not only the modern industrial standard but also can save a lot of material and labor.

3.The central control system—intelligentize

Intelligent control system is to avoid mistakes and loss caused by manual operation,such as the wrong formula of feeding raw material lead to batches unqualified products and wast of secondary processing.The lack of automatic dosing function would result in short filling,which is the damage to screw and extruder.The key point is that lack of an automatic system to calculate materials based on production.

According to the material wast in enterprise each year,the amount of labor costs and other invisible costs is often higher than the investing amount of a certain small devices.

  • Application:

Suitable for plastics,rubber,chemical and food industry,for powder or granulate material blending,coloring and drying.Typical application includes:Production of PVC dry blend,filling and modification of plastics,pre-mixing of compounding process and premix of Wood-Plastic Composites.

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