SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC flooring production line from StarsPlas is advanced in skill and high automation. The base material extrusion, wood grain embossing, color film, wearing film, underlying fiberglass soft silencing layer laminating or heat transfer printing can be finished the same time in the SPC Flooring Planks Machine.

SPC Flooring Production Line Introduction:

SPC flooring production line from StarsPlas is advanced in skill and high automation. Starsplas Machinery Manufacturer in China. The base material extrusion, wood grain embossing, color film, wearing film, underlying fiberglass soft silencing layer laminating or heat transfer printing can be finished the same time in the SPC Flooring Planks Machine.

SPC Floor Production Line production:

SPC Flooring Production Line Features:

1. The screw of SPC floor line is designed with special mixing function and has strong plasticizing ability. This ensures uniformity of plastic melting, coloring and high yields.
2. Clothes rack type mould head adopt double throttling design, which make the more precision of adjusting the thickness of sheet.
3. The ±1℃ precision degree of temperature control can control the plasticization precess, thickness and surface smooth of sheet accurately.
4. The arrange of roller can be vertical , horizontal or free adjusting type, which can give more selection basing on different thickness of sheet.
5. The screw adjusting and oil pressure press-roller double direction adjusting can control the thickness of sheet accurately.
Rigid Core Flooring is extruded by extruder and T-die extrusion PVC substrate, with three-roll or four-roll calender, respectively, PVC wear layer, PVC color film and PVC substrate, one-time heating paste, embossed products , The process is simple, close by heat to complete, do not need glue.

SPC Flooring Line Parameter:

NO. Machine Name Qty.
1 SJSZ92/188 Conical twin screw extruder 1 set
2 Hanger plate mold 1 set
3 Four-roll calender 1 set
4 Cooling bracket + trimming device 1 set
5 Four-site coating + correction device 1 set
6 Traction machine 1 set
7 Precision cutting plate machine 1 set
8 Feeding device 1 set


SPC Flooring Production Line Processing Flow:

Full-automatic Mixing
UV Coating
Cutting & Profiling & Packing
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  • What Is SPC Flooring?
    • SPC flooring, our featured topic today, has a stone-polymer composite core that dramatically improves the floor’s durability compared to ordinary luxury vinyl flooring. It’s less comfortable than WPC flooring, but this can be accounted for with a cushioned underlayment.
  • What Are the Layers of SPC Flooring?
    • SPC flooring is essentially layered the same way as other types of luxury vinyl flooring.
      The mentioned SPC core layer offers heightened durability and serves as a foundation for the rest of the floor.
      The design layer can mimic virtually any stone or wood floor colors or patterns.
      And the wear layer acts as a protective coating that shields the floor from minor damage (i.e., it’s dent and scratch-resistant flooring).
  • The Pros and Cons of SPC Flooring
    • Now that we have an understanding of what SPC flooring is, let’s talk about its pros and cons.
  • Is SPC Flooring Better Than LVP?
    • It depends. In terms of durability, SPC flooring is much more durable than ordinary LVP. However, that extra durability does come at the price of reduced comfort.
      So: if you want flooring that can withstand one heck of a beating on a daily basis, SPC flooring is perfect. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that only needs to withstand light traffic, ordinary LVP may be a more cost effective solution.
      In other words, the “better” choice really depends on your needs.
  • WPC vs SPC vs LVT Flooring
    • LVT is Luxury Vinyl Tile is plastic tile made with polyvinyl chloride resins with patterns printed on the front to mimic other textures, most often wood or stone.
      Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring uses a wood-polymer composite core for enhanced comfort while Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) uses a stone-polymer composite core for enhanced durability.
      The main difference between the three is their core component/structure. LVT flooring is flexible while SPC vinyl flooring has a rigid core. WPC and SPC tend to be more durable in the long run.
  • How Is SPC Flooring Made?
    • Without getting too technical, most SPC vinyl flooring brands follow a similar manufacturing process.
      Materials for the Stone Plastic Composite rigid core flooring are mixed together then super-heated to A) eliminate any moisture in the mix, and B) ensure the stone powder and polymers are properly combined. This ensures even performance across the entirety of each plank or tile.
      The design layer is applied (this can happen a number of ways) and then each plank or tile is cut to size and boxed up for shipping.
  • What Are the Best Applications for SPC Flooring?
    • SPC flooring is easily one of the top alternatives to solid hardwood floors because it’s so versatile. Since it’s durable and waterproof, it’s a perfect choice for mudroom flooring, kitchen flooring, and even laundry room flooring. This is not flooring that can support high traffic commercial spaces.
      And since it remains stable through temperature and humidity changes, it’s arguably the best flooring for a basement as its waterproof/water resistant.
      We should also note that you can put this type of luxury vinyl plank flooring on stairs because it can support heavy traffic.
  • Is There Laminate SPC Flooring?
    • SPC is a type of luxury vinyl flooring, so no. The best laminate flooring is another hardwood alternative and comparable in performance to SPC flooring, though (what is laminate flooring, anyway?).

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