SPC Flooring Recycling Solution FAT Testing


SPC Flooring Recycling Solution FAT Testing

Location: Qiangda, Zhangjiagang, China

Date: Sep. 20th,2018

SPC Flooring Recycling Solution FAT Testing is successfully finished on Sep.20th,2018.

This trail run took one day, we appreciated the supporting from StarsPlas partners. Thanks for all of our suppliers’ free support as well.

What is SPC Flooring Recycling Solution?

SPC Flooring Recycling Solution

SPC Flooring Recycling Solution is the process of recovering waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state. SPC Flooring Recycling Solution mainly includes the cutting machine and the crushing machine, whose basic principle is to destroy the material’s integrity depend on the shear strength and the impact strength.


Details of  SPC Flooring Recycling Solution FAT Testing:

Step1: Crusher

Put the waste plastic into the port for crushing. Waste materials usually need to be cut into smaller sizes in order to allow further processing and to provide easier packaging, transportation, and distribution of recycled stock.


PS. Details of Plastic PVC Crusher Machine, you can click on:


Step2: Screw loader

The broken waste is transported to the feeding machine by screw feeder for the next step of grinding.

screw loader

Step 3: Shredding

The shredding tear up the waste plastic materials into powder, preparing them for recycling into other products.


Step4: Seperation screen

Among dry methods, air classification differentiates between types of plastic based on the ratio of flake surface area to mass, meaning thicker materials are sifted away from thin ones.

seperation screen

Step 5: Discharging

Finally worker loaded powder in the discharge port.




SPC Flooring Recycling Solution is suitable for shredding soft small, broken materials, such as PE film, pvc floor, beverage bottles etc. The choice of crushing equipment mainly depends on the type, shape and the degree of the grinding material.

PS. High Speed Mixer is suitable for all kinds of plastics and resin, you can visit:



The Main Parameters of SPC Flooring Recycling Solution

SPC Flooring Recycling Solution


Or you can visit the whole process of SPC Flooring Recycling Solution:

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