SPC Flooring Tile Turnkey Project

SPC Flooring Tile Turnkey Project

SPC Flooring Tile Turnkey Project includes mixing system, extrusion machine, UV coating machine, click profile machine, automatic laminating machine and plastic recycling solution.

SPC flooring tile turnkey project details are as follow.

Main specifications of SPC Flooring Tile:

SPC Flooring Tile

Thickness Size Wear layer Application
3-5mm 6” × 36” 0.3-0.7mm Sports/ Commercial/ Hospital/ Hotel/office room/Restaurant
6” × 48”
7” × 48”
9” × 48”


The machines include in the SPC Flooring Tile Turnkey Project

First step: Mixing system (control your formulation)

Automatic Mixing Machine

Automatic Mixing Machine

Compounding the main materials (CaCO3, PVC) and Additives (Stabilizer, ACR, CPE, PE-Wax, Lubricant)

Automatic Mixing Machine

StarsPlas mixing system realizes fully automatic operation and has following advantages.

1) Clean, safe, anti-explosion powder working factory.

2) Accuracy weighing for formulation guarantee to improve the product quality.

3) Double reduce for labor and materials cost.

4) Data traceability for materials and production.

SPC Flooring Tile Turnkey Project

Second step: extrusion machine (mixtures are extruded to SPC board with decoration film and wear layer)

According to the production capacity, you can choose the extruder by yourself, we have three types for choosing now, which are 80, 92, 110 extruders.

1. Normally, we will assemble 90 extruder into production line as blow.

SPC flooring tile extrusion machine

2. Extrusion die is made by 40CR, it is hanger design inside of molds, we can adjust the thickness of SPC floor sheet from 2-8mm by screw in the die.

The mold is very precious and durable, it can be used for more than 10 years.

The size of extrusion die is 1220mm width normally, we also can design the width for you as per your requirements.

SPC flooring tile extrusion die

3. The edge cutter can cut both sides of the sheet to get accurate width:

SPC Flooring Tile Turnkey Project

4. Online laminating color film and wear layer:

SPC flooring tile extrusion machine

5. Automatic board stacker

Automatic board stacker is very precious to be controlled by PLC, and it can save labor for you with low power consumption, and it also can protect the vinyl sheet with Robert stacker, because the vinyl floor is very thin, it is very easy to be damaged by hand or your staff.

UV coating machine

Click here to watch the testing video of SPC Flooring Extrusion Machine


Third step: UV coating machine

UV coating machine is used to make UV coating on the top layer of SPC floor, it can make floor smoother and shinning and more wear-resistance.

UV coating machine

Specification of UV coating machine:

Item Technical parameter
Working line speed 5-18m/min
Max. board width 1300mm
Board thickness 1.5-80mm
Min. paint coated 7-8g/m2

Click here to watch the testing video of UV Coating Machine


Fourth step: Click profile machine

Click profile machine is used to cut SPC board into 6-10 pieces, slotting, trimming and chamfering.

Cutting machine is cut the 1220mm width into small width sheet, like 190mm width, 180mm width.

Click profile machine for SPC flooring

The slotting machine is used to groove mill in the four side of SPC floor, the mill can help you to install the SPC floor easily.

Click profile machine for SPC flooring

For the click of SPC flooring, you can choose from UNILIN, VALINGE, I4F.

I4F is more and more popular to apply for SPC flooring.

I4F click

Click here to watch the testing video of Click Profile Machine


Fifth step: Automatic laminating machine (laminate the IXPE pad on the back of SPC flooring)

Cleaning the flooring’s back side by brushing and blowing the surface. After adjusting the flooring straight system, the floors go with the conveyor and coated with glue, going through the heating oven, laminated IXPE pad tightly by two rubber rollers, then trimming.

Automatic laminating machine

Specification of automatic laminating machine:

Item Technical parameter
Laminating width 80-400mm
Laminating length 900-2000mm
Speed ≤35m/min
Thickness 3-60mm
Total power 39.8KW


Sixth step: Recycling machine (crusher and pulverizer)

Recycle the waste materials to save your cost.

plastic recycling solution

Click here to watch the testing video of SPC Flooring Recycling Solution.


If you need more details, please click the PDF.

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