SPC Waterproof Flooring Machine

SPC Waterproof Flooring Machine

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SPC Waterproof Flooring MachineStone Barn Rigid Vinyl Floor Solution

WaterProof SPC Flooring

WaterProof SPC Flooring

What`s the SPC Waterproof Flooring ?

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring from Stone Barn is a new multi-layer flooring product that’s resilient, dimensionally stable, and easy to install

Waterproof Flooring Installation

Waterproof Flooring Installation


Specification of SPC Waterproof Flooring:

SPC Rigid floor is the next evolution in vinyl flooring family. With advanced printing and texturing technologies, it is the best-looking, best-performing vinyl floor plank in the market.

SPC flooring (Rigid Core Flooring) stands for Stone Plastic Composite. The main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate) + PVC Powder + Stabilizer.

It is much more stable, waterproof, fire resistant.

No. Item Description
1 Main dimension 7inch(180mm Width) x 48inch(1220mm Length) x 4.5/5mm(Thickness)
7inch(180mm Width) x 60inch(1530mm Length) x 4.5/5mm(Thickness)
+ 1.5 EVA/IXPE underlayment (optional)
2 Production Cost in CN 0.6~0.75$/sqft
End Market Price in US 1.99~2.49$/sqft



How to produce SPC Waterproof floor?

The SPC Flooring Production is a long procedure

NO. Commodity Qty Basic Edition Price
1 Mixing System (For 2 Extrusion Lines) 1 65,000$
2 SPC Floor Extrusion Line 1 135,000$
3 UV Coating Machine (For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 75,000$
4 Automatic Cutting Slotting System (For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 258,000$
5 Foam Layer Laminating System (For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 70,000$
6 Plastic Crusher & Miller (Service For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 26,800$
7 Formula, SAT & FAT Installation, Training-3 Months 1 30,000$
FOB Shanghai Price 659,800$


WaterProof Flooring Machine

WaterProof Flooring Machine Video:



ROI ( Return on Investment):

The super high rate of return, brings 1500+ lines marketing volume just within recent 3 years, All top brands Flooring companies are considering or even started the production already, XIGL lead the marketing because of its stable quality and easy operation, more details please visiting: www.extrusionpanel.com


Space Requires Project Delivery Time Production Cost Daily Production Output
10000m2 3month+1month 550~650$/Ton 1400sqm or 14000sqft/day
Labor Requires Power consumption Profit Estimate Profit Yearly Estimate
15workers/shift 550kw 2-3$/sqm 840,000~1,260,000$


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