SPS-800 Flooring Double end Milling Machine

The SPS-800 series offers maximum output with trimming motor supports that can be positioned flexibly. We configure the double-sided machines according to your requirements – including the number of motors you need.

Product Description:

The SPC-800 Double end Milling Machine is a high-performance machine that can trim the edges of flooring boards with precision and speed. It has flexible trimming motor supports that can be adjusted according to the board thickness and width. You can choose the number of motors you need for your production needs. The SPC-800 machine is designed to meet your requirements and deliver quality results.

Technical Specifications:

No. Items Parameters
1 Speed [m/min] longitudinal max. 130
2 Speed [m/min] transverse max. 60
3 Number of motors no limit

Product Three Views:


Q: What are the key features of it?

A: It features dual milling heads for simultaneous and efficient processing, adjustable depth and width settings, user-friendly controls, and a robust build for long-lasting performance.


Q: Can it handle different types of SPC flooring?

A: Yes, it is designed to accommodate various types of SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring, ensuring precise and consistent milling for a seamless installation.


Q: How does the SPC Flooring Double end Milling Machine enhance the installation process?

A: It improves the installation process by providing precise milling, matching the grooves and interlocking mechanism of SPC flooring, resulting in a seamless and secure fit. Its efficiency also helps save time and labor costs during installation.

Machine Display:

Contact Information:

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