1.What is Stablizer?

Calcium and zinc stabilizers are usually divided into solid calcium and zinc stabilizers and liquid calcium and zinc stabilizers.

Calcium and zinc stabilizer is composed of calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant, antioxidant and so on.

It can not only replace toxic stabilizers such as lead, cadmium salts and organotin, but also has good thermal stability, light stability, transparency and tinting power.

Practice has proved that PVC resin products, processing performance is good, the thermal stability is equivalent to lead salt stabilizer, is a good non-toxic stabilizer.


  • solid calcium and zinc stabilizers

The appearance of solid calcium and zinc stabilizers is mainly powder, flake and paste. Powder calcium zinc stabilizer is the most widely used non-toxic PVC stabilizer, often used in food packaging, medical equipment, wire and cable materials. At present, PVC calcium-zinc stabilizer which can be used for rigid pipe has appeared in China.

The thermal stability of powder calcium zinc stabilizer is not as good as that of lead salt, it has certain lubricity, poor transparency and easy frost spraying.

In order to improve its stability and transparency, antioxidants such as blocked phenols, polyols, phosphites and -dione are often added to improve its stability and transparency.

The two systems of solid calcium and zinc stabilizers are mainly divided into hydrotalcite system and zeolite system.


  • liquid calcium and zinc stabilizers

The appearance of liquid calcium and zinc stabilizer is mainly light yellow oily liquid..

There is little difference between the stability of powder and liquid. Liquid calcium and zinc stabilizers usually have greater solubility, and good dispersion in PVC resin powder, and the effect on transparency Is far less than that of powder stabilizers.

Liquid stabilizers are commonly used in PVC products with a total plasticizer of more than 10-20phr.


2.Characteristics of calcium and zinc stabilizers

In the PVC resin processing process has a good dispersity, compatibility, processing liquidity, wide adaptability, product surface finish; excellent thermal stability, small initial color phase, no precipitation phenomenon; No heavy metals and other toxic components, no vulcanization; the Congo red test time is long, has the fine electric insulation ,has the impurity free, has the efficient weather resistance; wide range of application, strong practicality, low dosage, with multiple functions.


3.  Specifications and application of calcium and zinc stabilizer

According to different USES, there are different types of calcium and zinc stabilizers: CZ-1, CZ-2, CZ-3, etc., which are used for pipe, profile, pipe fitting, plate, injection molding, blown film, cable material and other plastic products.

4.Application of Calcium zinc stabilizer in PVC flooring

Type CZ-1, CZ-2 and CZ-3 calcium and zinc stabilizers are highly effective and multifunctional calcium and zinc composite stabilizers.

Excellent thermal stability and transparency, no surface precipitation and migration when used on PVC flooring, better effect with heat resistant oil. Suitable for PVC slurry processing, especially for lining products.

The product not only has good compatibility and viscosity control, but also can provide good initial coloring and color retention. This product has proved to be an excellent heat stabilizer.

Compatibility, low volatility, low mobility, good light resistance, suitable for soft and hard pipes, granulation, rolling film, toys and other PVC products industry. It can replace lead salt series, other calcium zinc and organotin stabilizer to meet the environmental hygiene requirements of non-toxic wire and cable.


5.  Packing storage and transportation editor


The outer paper bag is lined with film bags, each bags has a net weight of 25KG.


   2.Storage and transportation:

non-dangerous goods shall be stored in a cool and dry place.





7.How to buy Stabilizer?

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