• Standard Steps of Profiling FAT

Start the following steps of Profiling FAT after confirming the correct installation

1. Open the Power Switch.

2. Press button”Abnormal reset” to reset the machine working parameter.

3. Press button “Work to prepare”, then choose “Knife shaft” to open milling cutter.

4. After setting the knife shaft parameter, then choose the blue “Key frame” to go back to the interface of “Automatic Control” . Select the blue “Speed Selec” to choose a appropriate speed option, or directly                             choose the speed display frame to write a appropriate speed value.

5. Press button “Knife shaft ON” after finishing setting the Knife shaft and Chain speed value, Then Press button “Feeding ON” to prepare to start working.


  • Profiling FAT Quality Inspection

  1. Inspection scope in Profiling FAT:
  • Straightness
  • Right angle
  • Height difference


  1. Main inspection methods in Profiling FAT:
  • Feeler gauge
  • Manual visual inspection


  • Knife cutters changing and adjustment
  • Knife cutter changing:

1)First, clean the axis and put the knife cutter into the axis slowly and correctly. Avoid severe strike between knife and axis.

Then put in the screw and tighten it. Also tighten the screw under the knife cutter.



2)Knife cutter adjustment

Turn the Screw to adjust the fore and aft distance of knife shaft, stop when the value on the display frame is “00000”

Similarly, turn the Screw to adjust the up and down distance of knife shaft, stop when the value on the display frame is “00000”

Remove the screw in the angle adjustment controller, then tighten or loosen the screw to control the angle of knife shaft.

Specific reference for other specification of Profiling FAT

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