SPC flooring slotting machine system makes I4F click much easier to install


Starsplas SPC flooring slotting machine system produce I4F click 

“ our one piece drop-lock system, is fast becoming the industry standard as it offers a quicker, more cost-effective way to manufacturer drop-lock solutions in a sustainable way and installation is so easy, anyone can do it!’’ -just as the CEO John Rietveldt said, Innovations4F click system of flooring tile is almost the unique trend in current market due to it’s excellent easiest installation performance. Its 3L TRIPLELOCK AND CLICK4U suitable use on all flooring materials, including the current trend of SPC waterproof flooring-rigid vinyl plank.

How to secure your SPC flooring

Recommended tools and materials to install SPC flooring

  • Safety glasses
  • Measuring tape
  • Square
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Spacers
  • Chalk line
  • Embossing leveler/floor patch(if necessary)
  • Rubber mallet


How to make IF4 click by our SPC flooring slotting machine system

SPC flooring slotting machine is specially designed for slotting SPC flooring.It is first used artificial positioning, and then into the longitudinal multi-slice saw, cut into 5-8 pieces. After passing through an accelerating roller table, the lifting belt conveyor will carry out a 90-degree turn transmission, and then turn into the longitudinal separation belt conveyor, and then open the vertical and horizontal grooves

Testing Video

Processing Procedure:

Section A (Loading): Forklift → Automatic Hydraulic Platform → Auto Sucker → Rolling Feeder

Section B( Vertical Cutting): Vertical Cutting →Rolling Feeder → Belt roller conveyor → climbing roller conveyor → Rolling Feeder to Slotting

Section C (Vertical Slotting): Belt Conveyor → Vertical Slotting Machine → Brushing Trimming machine → Belt Conveyor to Horizontal Slotting

Section D (Horizontal Slotting):  Belt Conveyor → Horizontal Slotting Machine → Brushing Trimming machine → Belt Conveyor to  → Manual packaging / Foam Layer Laminating System(Optional)

1,Automatic Vacuum Sucker Loader

2,Vertical Cutting Machine

3,Vertical Slotting Machine

4,Horizontal Slotting Machine

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