The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze


On September 19, the 18th China Forest Products Fair, sponsored by the Shandong Provincial government and co-sponsored by the Provincial Department of Natural Resources (Provincial Forestry Bureau) and Heze Municipal government, opened in Heze. At the opening ceremony, the China Forest Trade Fair cloud platform was officially launched, the first transaction was completed, and the project was signed.

China Forest Products Fair is a comprehensive fair with the largest scale, the most complete varieties and the highest specifications in China’s forest products industry. The conference will be promoted both online and offline. The offline venue is located in the China Forest Pavilion, which can meet the needs of the masses for on-site exhibition. In the online venue, exhibitors and products will be uploaded to the official website of China Forest Products Fair with VR technology for simultaneous display, so that online viewing of the exhibition is like a live experience. Through the China Forest Trade Fair cloud platform, it also carefully planned marketing activities such as the “9•19 Forest Purchase Festival” and focused on creating an online “never ending Forest Trade fair”.

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze

The meeting was attended by Zhao Shuqun, chairman of the Chinese Society of Forestry; Fan Bo, Vice governor, made a speech and announced the opening; Zhao Xiaohui, Director of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources (Director of the Provincial Forestry Bureau), Zhang Lun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech; Li Chunying, Deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, attended by Wang Weidong, Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC.

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze-1

Fan Bo said in his speech that Heze, with its superior resource endowment and industrial base, has vigorously developed the forestry industry, constantly amplified the “peony effect”, and steadily increased the output, quality and efficiency of forest products. It is necessary to make full use of the achievements of the activities, further improve the policy system, improve the system and mechanism, jointly promote high-quality development, and make green become the most beautiful background color for the construction of a modern strong province in Shandong in the new era.

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze-2

Fan Bo, vice governor of Shandong Province

Zhao Xiaohui said in his speech that over the years, Shandong has adhered to the road of ecological industrialization and industrial ecology, and actively promoted the transformation of green mountains into gold and silver mountains through market leadership, policy guidance, innovation-driven and social participation. In the next step, we will make full use of and give full play to the platform role of China Forest Products Fair, vigorously develop characteristic industries, improve the level of forestry production and comprehensive benefits, and accelerate the transformation from a large province of forestry industry to a strong province of forestry industry.

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze-3

Zhao Xiaohui, Director of Natural Resources Department of Shandong Province (Director of Forestry Bureau of Shandong Province)

Zhang Lun welcomed the arrival of the participants, he said that the conference aims to further implement the “dual carbon” strategy, jointly discuss green economy, and jointly “carbon” to find a green, low-carbon and high-quality development road. We sincerely invite you to jointly protect the green picture of water, forest and sea, write green articles on industrial development, and witness the green miracle of coming from behind. Welcome new and old friends to pay more attention to Heze, understand Heze, discuss cooperation and development, and create a better future.

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze-4

Heze Municipal Party secretary Zhang Lun

Chen Xuequn, second Inspector of the Reform and Development Department of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Lu Tonghua, chairman of the national forestry key leading enterprises representative of the Millennium Group, Liu Nengwen, president of the China Wood Protection Industry Association, Li Jian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Jianchun, Charge d ‘affaires of the Embassy of Papua New Guinea in China, delivered speeches respectively.

Ma Fuyi, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources (Deputy Director of the Provincial Forestry Bureau), Xiang Shoudu, Deputy director of the Guizhou Forestry Bureau, Chen Baohua, Cao Lin, Zhu, relevant responsible comrades of some provincial and municipal forestry departments, the provincial forestry departments are mainly responsible for comrades, experts of scientific research institutes and associations, societies, representatives of leading enterprises, The relevant departments of counties, districts and cities are mainly responsible for comrades attending the meeting.

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze-5

The 18th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze-6

The current Lin Fair set sail with high specifications, high quality and high level, attracting many well-known brands to make a collective appearance. National forestry key leading enterprise Millennium Boat Group, under the control of 17 molecular companies, 6 major industrial modules of the green industrial ecological operator Wanhua Hexiang Ecological Technology Co., LTD., specializing in 25 years, only to customize health and happiness home Opu home, Luli Wood Industry Co., LTD., one of the largest enterprises in the domestic wood-based panel manufacturing industry, And the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises.


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