The 22nd Industrial Expo, we are coming!


Exhibition presentation

The 22nd Industrial Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 15 to 19,2020. The 22nd Industrial Expo is based on the theme of “new development of intelligent, interconnected —— enabling industries “, Holding the “Global Summit Forum on High-quality Cooperation in the Manufacturing Industry Chain” and the “International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Industry Development (IEID Conference)”, And the use of “offline-based, online auxiliary” way to hold the exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the coordinated development of domestic and international manufacturing industry chain, Demonstrated from manufacturing base materials, key components, To the advanced manufacturing equipment, the overall solution manufacturing industry chain, It also covers the whole innovation chain from technological innovation, product innovation, model innovation to application scene innovation.

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  1. Industrial automation exhibition: as one of the most prominent professional exhibitions under the “China International Industrial Expo “, the industrial automation exhibition (IAS) comprehensively displays the latest technology and comprehensive solutions of production, process automation, electrical systems, industrial IT and manufacturing information, micro-system technology. Brand precipitation for more than ten years, IAS display scale, exhibits level and international influence in Asia is second to none. For the industry to provide business procurement, enterprise brand development, exchange and learning excellent platform.
  2. Robot exhibition: as a professional exhibition with the theme of “robot “, robot exhibition (RS) takes all kinds of frontier products, technology and industry application solutions with robot as the core as the main display content, provides a diversified platform of value, provides a link for the industrial chain, capital chain, entrepreneurial chain, creates new business opportunities for the robot industry, and helps to promote the new pattern of industry development.

Application to Starsplas

Manipulator can imitate the movement of hands and arms, used to install fixed procedures to grab, carry objects or operating tools automatic operation device. The manipulator is an automatic mechanical device that sends the processed workpiece to the designated position and the machined workpiece from the machining position.Starsplas in the past packaging line is the use of palletizing machine to stack the floor, in the process of winding protective film at least two workers to complete the operation. If the manipulator is used to replace the previous equipment and labor, the cost is greatly reduced in time and manpower, and the operation efficiency of the packaging line is improved. At present, Starsplas customers also put forward the requirement of putting the automatic manipulator into the packaging line, which reflects the urgent need of automation.

Market outlook

  1. Mechanical automation equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and avoid the impact of human factors on production.
  2. Enterprises can save time and money for staff training, by changing the production process, can be quickly put into production, convenient and fast.
  3. The industrial robot is responsible for the whole production link, feeding, clamping and discharging, which greatly improves the quality and beauty of the workpiece. Improved the original use of manual loading and unloading of product quality instability.
  4. Use of robots can meet the needs of mass production, reduce labor intensity, reduce industrial accidents, improve work efficiency and product quality.
  5. The maintenance is convenient and the robot fails, it is only necessary to adjust or replace the maintenance robot without affecting the normal operation of the machine tool.
  6. At present, industrial robots and mechanical automation equipment are being widely used, more and more enterprises will choose industrial robots in the future.
    Therefore, the advantages of industrial manipulator compared with labor are self-evident, so that enterprises can obtain more advantages. As the trend of manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing will certainly occupy the whole market of domestic manufacturing industry in the future. Is the enterprise at present faces the labor cost to rise the most advantageous weapon.




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