The 28th Furniture China & 2023 Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show Grand Opening


At 9:00 a.m. on September 11, the 28th Furniture China and 2023 Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show opened in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center and World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center! With the return of global sellers and global buyers, the show released a strong signal of industry recovery and revitalization!

This is the first major international furniture and home furnishing exhibition of global significance ushered in locally after the Chinese furniture industry experienced the impact of the epidemic! A total of 2,635 furniture companies from 26 countries and regions are exhibiting, and overseas pre-registered visitors come from 160 countries and regions. The number of exhibitors and pre-registered visitors comprehensively exceeds the 2019 figures, and 200,000 people are expected to visit the site!

Under the theme of “IN NOW”, this year’s exhibition focused on new pattern, new people, new industry and new technology through the four extended themes of “living at the right time, designing at the right time, creating changes at the right time, and connecting with wisdom at the right time”, not only showing the three-year report card and the latest outlook of China’s furniture and home furnishings industry to the global industry players, but also releasing to the overseas audience the insights of China’s furniture industry into the global trend.


At the Shanghai New International Expo Center on Longyang Road, this year’s Furniture China will have 18 indoor pavilions and 26 outdoor pavilions, with categories including civil furniture, upholstered furniture, office furniture, customized furniture, raw and auxiliary materials, soft decorations, design originality, and other furniture and home furnishing upstream and downstream industry chains. With an exhibition scale of 320,000 square meters, it has also become the largest single show in 2023, showing a positive signal of industry revitalization!

Domestic TOP-level home furnishing brands, as well as 6 overseas country pavilions from France, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Turkey, and 146 overseas exhibitors, will all appear at this year’s show, bringing their interpretation of lifestyle IN NOW, as well as the latest progress in design, materials, craftsmanship and quality.


In this exhibition, 6 major Chinese furniture industry clusters, including Hangzhou, Lezhong, Longjiang, Zhenghe, Qingfeng and Zhoucun, will be centrally displayed. Presidents of China National Furniture Association and provincial furniture industry associations, members of China National Furniture Association Design Working Committee, and members of China National Furniture Association Quality Standard Professional Committee will visit the exhibition site and participate in relevant professional conferences.


At FMC China 2023, more than 700 high-quality supply chain enterprises from around the world will also showcase their achievements in co-creating with manufacturing and design enterprises, and provide supply chain guarantee for future-oriented innovation.

At the same time, in order to further promote the industry in the material process as well as product design innovation and development, as well as design is the industry’s high-quality development of the two important elements, the exhibition of the 6 awards tournament, some focus on the material process and technology breakthroughs, some highlight the product design and innovation, and some focus on the product application scenarios, a total of more than 1,000 pieces of products to participate in the Golden Dot Award, the Innovation Award, the Golden Axe Award, Golden Man Award, Green Construction Award and Exhibitor Honor Award. After the preliminary evaluation, more than 30 judges including Prof Dr. Peter Zec, Masayuki Kurokawa, Yang Mingjie and Wang Changxing will visit the booths on the exhibition site for reevaluation and announce the final list of winners, and the Designer’s Night to be held in the evening of September 12 will also usher in a high light moment for designers to collide and exchange ideas.


The four forum areas of cross-border e-commerce, Furniture Elites CLUB, Aesthetics Showroom and China Home Furnishing Elite Business School on the exhibition site will hold 42 professional forums, involving niche topics in various fields, such as green and low carbon, business innovation, design originality, artistic life, brand innovation, channel expansion, cross-border seafaring, home furnishings foreign trade innovation, supply chain, material application, and home furnishings industry talents, etc. In addition, the event will bring professional audiences more cutting-edge industry thinking, as well as the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with more than 200 guests, and grasp the latest discussion and play on new consumption, new demand, new scene and new species in the furniture industry.


2023 is the year of consumption boost, recently released “the Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments on the promotion of home consumption of a number of measures of the notice” put forward: to strengthen the role of the exhibition to lead and drive, focus on the display of cutting-edge technology and products in the field of home furnishings, expanding the supply of high-quality home furnishings products, supporting the organization of promotional activities, to create a “shopping exhibition, buy home furnishings, enjoy the experience, tasting food The show will also organize promotional activities to create a “shopping exhibition, buying home furnishing, enjoying experience, tasting food” and other business, tourism, culture and sports fusion consumption scene. Located in the World Expo Exhibition Center, Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show, as early as in the first half of the curatorial exhibition, reflecting the elements of consumption boost, especially invited many partners for new consumer scenarios for a series of heavy planning.


Design of Designers China International Designers’ Works Exhibition & Trade Fair, RE.d Contemporary Design Exhibition, Office Kitchen Workplace Cafeteria Special Exhibition, Hundred Drinks Lifestyle Exhibition, and “The Way of Integration – Stillness is like a Flower” Art & Life Theme Exhibition. In addition to the special exhibitions, MoDesign will cross the boundaries of design, art, life, trendy drinks, technology and business, to present a panoramic view and explore the new lifestyle of youthfulness, stratification and diversification without any boundaries.

In addition to several special exhibitions, Modern Shanghai Fashion & Home Furniture Expo has also planned several activities to create new consumption scenes, including Design Consultation Room, Modern Design Week, DOD Herb Shop, and Soft Furniture Flash Show. The Design Consultation Room will have a number of excellent designers with both design and commercial skills on site to provide one-on-one exclusive design consulting services, and answer design questions about residential, hotel, new retail and other types of commercial spaces; while the “DOD Weed Shop”, Modern Design Week, and Modern Life Goods List are the experimental fields for the new consumption scenario, through the pre-buyers and buyers. The “DOD Weed Shop”, Modern Design Week and Modern Life Goods List are the experimental field of new consumption scene, through the careful selection of the buyers in the early stage, and the integration of planting, experiencing and ordering will be completed at the exhibition site.


Innovative interconnection, new infrastructure for 2B2C exhibition on the cloud!
The integration of online and offline is also one of the major attractions of this exhibition, in addition to the actual offline experience of the five senses, the exhibition also shows the new infrastructure of the exhibition to the industry with digital changes and links. The combination of online and offline, “virtual & real” scenes of symbiosis, to create a combination of virtual and real forms of the two exhibition halls, the form of real-time update of enterprise dynamics, to show you a lively and extraordinary furniture event! The latest enterprise news and releases, at a glance!

2 major online industry platforms, 1000 online VR showrooms
Based on the successful experience of the first Digital Show last year, a brand new exhibition format will be implemented at this year’s show, with the online Digital Show ( being held concurrently from September 12th to 22nd. The Digital Show will be held on two platforms, DTS (for export sales) and Bohua Furniture Preferred App (for domestic sales), and there will be 1,000 exhibitors’ offline exhibition halls shooting VR, and 50 exhibitors’ 3D model digitized exhibition halls on line simultaneously. After registering for the digital exhibition, you can also watch the forum live, check the e-zine, exchange business cards with enterprises, get product e-albums, selected product videos and other functions, which solves the pain point of on-site visitors who can’t stroll in time and saves the trouble of organizing exhibitors’ business cards and photos and albums! For large-scale trade fairs, 5 days may not necessarily be able to stroll through the whole show, and the digital exhibition extends the end of the show by 1 week compared with the offline exhibition, which allows the professional audience to have a longer time to understand the exhibitors’ products and negotiate with the enterprises.

2 Online Consumption Platforms to Help Good Products Reach People’s Minds
In order to expand the influence of consumption, this exhibition has also united with Jittery and Little Red Book platforms to set up “Jittery E-commerce & Modern Home Decoration Festival for All” and “Little Red Book Grass Consulting Area” in the World Expo Exhibition Center. Jitterbug E-commerce & Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Exhibition jointly create [National Home Decoration Festival] offline trend sample room, invite the head of the show live broadcast, in the exhibition site with the online audience to buy buy buy! The “Little Red Book grass consulting area” is the best site for furniture and home furnishing brands to get a quick understanding of the track, and you can get the Little Red Book business ecological home furnishing industry advertising operation guide, content operation tips, grass raising methodology, etc. The “Little Red Book” is a great place to learn more about the home furnishing industry, and it’s a great place to learn more about the home furnishing industry. Nearly 500 KOL content creators will also stroll around the exhibition on site and set up live broadcasts to expand the sound volume for offline brands and deliver timely goodies for online audiences.

It’s time to create changes, Furniture China is new for 30 years.
Under the joint promotion of China National Furniture Association and Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo, Furniture China, which has lasted for 30 years, has made a new start with the new theme of “IN NOW is the right time! With the new theme of “IN NOW is the time!” and the mission to become a global platform for furniture and home furnishing trade, design and lifestyle, Furniture China provides an offline and online communication platform for high-quality suppliers and buyers in the international and domestic dual-cycle markets!


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