Wood Veneer Stone Plastic Flooring Different Quality

Veneer board has the characteristics of natural, more durable and good quality. The sticker is easy to wear, afraid of water, collision, and poor quality. The veneer material is only a kind of decoration, and the quality is not guaranteed. It depends on the quality of the material.

http://www.starsplas.com/the-benefits-of-wood-veneer-stone-plastic-flooring/ http://www.starsplas.com/the-benefits-of-wood-veneer-stone-plastic-flooring/

The Price is Different

Veneer board is a natural product, which has affinity for the human body. The price is higher. The sticker sheet has low cost and high market demand, so the price is low, and it is a mass product. The price of the veneer board is moderate, because it needs to be customized, it is suitable for high-end people.

The Shape of The Outer Body is Different

The inside and outside of the wood board of the veneer furniture, the front and back wood grain, the position of the scar and the splicing joint will correspond. The upper part of the leather-laminated furniture cannot be matched, and gaps are easily generated. Sticker furniture is prone to cracks in the corners. The veneers are mostly concrete shapes, such as rectangles.


Different Styles of Use

Solid wood veneer panels are more suitable for dark furniture, and classical and European-style decoration styles are suitable. The sticker board is suitable for modern style decoration and Korean style. The veneer board is more practical, just to hide the original material, the specific style depends on the veneer.

http://www.starsplas.com/the-benefits-of-wood-veneer-stone-plastic-flooring/ http://www.starsplas.com/the-benefits-of-wood-veneer-stone-plastic-flooring/

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