The Development Trend of SPC Flooring Machine in Foreign Markets


SPC flooring, as an environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, non-slip flooring material, has made great progress in the domestic and international markets in recent years. Especially in the export trade, 2020 global sales of flooring products totaled 69.7 billion U.S. dollars, PVC flooring sales of 18 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 25.8%, relative to 2016 +10.1 pct, for the current global mainstream flooring products. the prospect of SPC flooring is even more promising, just at the time. Starsplas Manufacturer provides SPC Flooring Production Line.

● SPC Flooring has Export Advantages

SPC flooring as a new type of floor material, with export advantages. China is the world’s largest PVC flooring production countries, with advanced production technology and mature supply chain system. China’s PVC flooring product quality is stable, the price is relatively low, and can meet the needs of different countries and regions. First in the U.S. market, the size of $6.12 billion in 2019, 2015-2019 CAGR = 21.3%, the second largest floor decoration material consumption region. The secondary renovation market accounts for 57.6% of sales, and redecoration is expected to provide stable demand growth. Second in the European market, the import value of 770 million euros in 2018, 2011-2018 CARG = 15.5%, accounting for 28.5% of the overall category imports, is expected to continue to maintain a high level after rapid growth in scale. With the promotion of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the economic and trade exchanges between China and the countries along the route are getting closer and closer, which provides good opportunities for SPC flooring exports. Chinese enterprises can carry out market research and promotional activities to further develop the export market, enhance the visibility and influence of SPC flooring in the international market.

● SPC Flooring in the International Market has a Wide Range of Application Prospects

With the development of the global economy, people for environmental protection, comfortable, durable flooring materials demand continues to increase. SPC flooring with its unique advantages has been widely recognized, is used in the home, commercial and industrial areas. In the home, SPC flooring’s waterproofing properties make it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring. In the commercial sector, SPC flooring’s abrasion resistance and slip resistance make it suitable for high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. In the industrial sector, SPC flooring’s fire resistance and anti-bacterial properties make it the preferred choice for factory and laboratory flooring. Especially in some developing countries, the market potential of SPC flooring is huge. By strengthening market research and product positioning, we can better meet the needs of different markets and expand international market share.

● SPC Flooring Industry has Great Potential for Development

SPC flooring industry along with the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in consumer attitudes, market demand continues to grow. With the progress of science and technology and technological innovation, the quality and performance of SPC flooring products has been greatly improved to meet the diverse needs of people for the floor. At the same time, with the rapid development of the construction industry and the hot decoration market, SPC flooring as a new type of floor material will usher in more opportunities. By strengthening technical research and development, improving product quality and innovative design, we can win more competitive advantages in the domestic and international markets.

● SPC Flooring Exports Need to Solve the Problem

To enhance the competitiveness of SPC flooring in the international market, we need to solve a number of problems. The first is to strengthen brand building and market promotion, improve product awareness and reputation. By participating in international exhibitions, launching advertising campaigns and establishing online and offline sales channels, we can further expand our brand influence. The second is to strengthen cooperation with foreign customers, establish long-term and stable relationships, and provide personalized products and services. Through in-depth communication with foreign customers, we can better meet their needs and provide customized solutions. At the same time, we should also continue to improve the environmental performance of our products to meet the increasing environmental requirements of the international market. Through research and development of new materials, improve the production process and explore the path of sustainable development, we can further enhance the environmental performance of SPC flooring.

● The U.S. Market Analysis

SPC flooring in the U.S. market has a broad application prospects. With the development of the global economy and people’s demand for environmental protection and comfort increases, SPC flooring as an environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, non-slip flooring materials, loved by more and more consumers. In the United States, SPC flooring is widely used in various fields such as homes, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. Its unique advantages, such as wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, anti-bacteria, etc., make it have great competitiveness in the U.S. market.

The growing demand for SPC flooring in the U.S. market brings opportunities for the development of the industry. With the development of the U.S. economy and the continuous upgrading of people’s consumption concepts, the flooring industry has also ushered in new development opportunities.SPC flooring, as a new type of flooring material, has rapidly captured the market share with its high quality, diversified design and environmental protection.Since 2012 wood-plastic composite flooring has been introduced into the market, and resilient flooring has opened up the road of rapid development with high speed penetration.In 2016, stone-plastic In 2016, stone-plastic flooring was introduced into the market, with its higher impact resistance and lower price to quickly replace the traditional floor decoration materials, becoming the fastest-growing floor decoration materials in the past few years. According to Floor Covering Weekly, the market size of LVT products (including WPC and SPC) in the U.S. market reached $4.8 billion in 2019 (manufacturer’s caliber), accounting for 17.4% of the total market size of floor covering materials.

However, the SPC flooring industry faces a number of challenges in the U.S. market. Traditional flooring materials as well as competition from internationally recognized brands are putting some pressure on the industry. At the same time, however, the growing consumer demand in the U.S. SPC flooring market presents an opportunity for the industry to grow. According to Floor Covering Weekly, the U.S. market for rigid-core LVT (including WPC and SPC) saw a 47.6% increase in sales in 2019, while sales of regular LVT grew by only 6%. According to Floor Covering News, SPC more than doubled its growth in 2019, while WPC sales and volume declined 15% and 17.5%, respectively. By continuously improving product quality and service levels, and strengthening brand building and marketing, the SPC flooring industry is able to stand out from the fierce competition.

In order to further promote the development of the SPC flooring industry, it is crucial to strengthen innovation and cooperation. Through technological innovation and market expansion, SPC flooring industry can make greater breakthroughs and development in the international market. At the same time, strengthening cooperation with foreign customers, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships, and providing personalized products and services can further develop the export market and enhance the competitiveness of SPC flooring in the international market.

To summarize, SPC flooring exports at the right time, but also in the U.S. market has a broad prospect for development. By strengthening innovation and cooperation, improve product quality and service level, we believe that SPC flooring industry can make greater breakthroughs and development in the domestic and international markets. We believe that SPC flooring will make a greater contribution to the development of the flooring industry and bring more convenience and comfort to people’s lives.


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