The reasons why there are bubbles in the printed film


Printed film companies’ suggestions:


The bubble is due to the air can`t venting during the embossing processing.

It`s not the problem for the film but must find a way to degassing the air.

bubbles in printed film

bubbles in printed film

Operators’ suggestions:

The vertical 4-rollers could have the problem in hot temperature.

There are some adjustment know-hows:

Tension Roller:

The film could be too tight, the film has been stretched, it will be easier for has the gap for bubbles.

Please make a little lose when there is any bubbles.

  1. Rubble Roller:

Please check the roller surface, is there parts wear out or damaged.

It needs to change a new rubble roller to have a homogeneous tension performance for the roller.


  1. Air cylinder:

Please adjust the cylinder for release the too tight tension.


  1. Steel Pipe:

If everything did as the above still not improved or not a improved.

Please try to add a new glossy steel pipe beside the rubber roller to reduce the over tight tension.

Bubbles flaw

Bubbles flaw

Roller supplier suggestions:

The deeper embossing will make the bubble more easier generate under the same temperature and roller speed.

The roller can release a little bit for avoiding the film stretched into wrinkles or bubbles.


Roller Structure

Roller Structure

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