The Review Meeting of The “Technical Regulations for the Integration of Elastic Floor and Wall Panel” (Draft for Review) Was Successfully Held


According to the requirements of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association’s “Notice on Issuing the” First Batch of Association Standards Formulation and Revision Plan in 2021 “(Construction Standard Association Word (2021) No. 11), the Association’s standard” Flexible floor and Wallboard integration Technical Regulations “has been submitted for review, and the” Regulations “(for review) review meeting was held in Beijing on September 12, 2023.

 Floor and Wall Panel

Tang Yajun, deputy director of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, Gu Taichang, Secretary general of Construction and Municipal Engineering Products Application Branch, Ma Jin, Secretary general of China Building Decoration Materials Association Flexible Floor Branch, 9 experts and representatives of participating enterprises participated in the “flexible floor and Wallboard integration Technical Regulations” inspection meeting.
The conference was presided over by Yang Jinchun, deputy secretary general of the Application Branch of Construction and municipal Engineering products. At the beginning of the meeting, Tang Yajun, deputy director of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, reported on the work and dynamics of the standards, and prompted the key work of the review meeting. She pointed out that the scientific and operational standards should be kept under the principle of joint review, consensus and focus. More stringent than the government mandates.
Gu Taichang, secretary-general of the construction and municipal Engineering product Application Branch, introduced the standard preparation work and branches of the association, affirmed the economic and social benefits brought by the formulation of standardization to enterprises, and called on everyone to do a good job in the standard work of new products, new processes, new materials, new technologies, etc., and played a guiding role in the design and construction acceptance and other units.
The review meeting by the China Academy of Building Science Co., Ltd. researcher Ai Mingxing as the review team leader, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of standard quota research Institute professor senior engineer Zhan Lei as deputy leader, the meeting preparation group introduced the standard preparation process and the review of the draft situation, the review experts listened to the preparation group of the standard preparation and related technical content description. The standard content is reviewed article by article and opinions are as follows:
1. The preparation of the “Procedures” conforms to the provisions of the preparation of engineering construction standards, and the materials submitted for review are complete and meet the requirements of review.
Second, the “Regulations” on the application of the integration of elastic floor and wall panel in various projects, provides a technical basis for engineering design, construction, acceptance and maintenance, and is of great significance to improve the quality of the project.
Third, the content of the “Procedures” is scientific and reasonable, strong operability, and coordinated with the current relevant standards, and the innovative integration technology proposed in the “Procedures” has a certain innovation, filling the gap in the field, reaching the international level.
Review experts unanimously agreed that the “Procedures” passed the review, and put forward the following major amendments:
1, the fourth chapter adjustment for general provisions, design and structure;
2. Add Chapter 7 “Maintenance and Maintenance”;
3. Adding reinspection items and provisions in Chapter VI.
For other review opinions, please refer to the Review Opinion Summary Processing Table.
The review experts suggest that the preparation group revise and improve the “Procedures” in accordance with the opinions of the review meeting, and form a draft for approval and report for approval as soon as possible.

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