Today, Trump Launched Another Night Raid


Sep.18th, Manchurian Incident, was an event staged by Japanese military personnel as a pretext for the Japanese invasion in 1931 of northeastern China, that`s the starting up of the war with Japan for 8 years.

Today, Trump Launched Another Night Raid

Sep.18th, 2018, there is another event 301 investigation is updated, was it a coincidence?

Today, Trump Launched Another Night Raid

After a bumpy ride, the trade war with China may be entering demolition derby mode.

In what was termed by U.S. trade officials as the “continuing response to China’s theft of American intellectual property and forced transfer of American technology,” the Office of the United States Trade Representative released a list of approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports that will be subject to additional tariffs.

So far this year, the U.S. has imposed tariffs on more than $250 billion in Chinese imports, according to Bloomberg.

The additional tariffs will be effective Sept. 24, and initially will be in the amount of 10 percent. Starting in January 2019, the tariff level will increase to 25%.


Today, Trump launched another night raid. After the U.S. market closed, he announced a $200 billion levy increase plan with three priorities:

1. China’s total merchandise volume of US $200 billion;

2.In the first stage, the tax rate will be 10% and come into effect on September 24. In the second stage, the tax rate will be raised to 25% and will be implemented on January 1, 2019.

3.If China takes counter-measures, the Trump administration will “immediately” take more tariff measures to raise taxes on the remaining $267 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Today, Trump Launched Another Night Raid

The U.S. move to add tariffs came after seven weeks of public notice, hearings, and extensive opportunities for comment on the additional proposed tariffs.

“China has had many opportunities to fully address our concerns,” President Trump said in a statement. Actually, I think Trump’s remark is quite right.

For our SPC floor, he did this move to promote the floor industry around the world. SPC Waterproof Flooring is a plastic floor that has just sprung up in the past three years and has been popular all over the world. It is an upgrade and improvement of regular luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), the main contents of SPC are natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer which combined by a certain ratio to provide us a very stable composite material.

spc flooring

It’s special designed with Click-Locking joint system, easy installation, water-proof, the basic material is Stone-Plastic composite.

No. Item Description
1 Main dimension 7inch(180mm Width) x 48inch(1220mm Length) x 4.5/5mm(Thickness)
7inch(180mm Width) x 60inch(1530mm Length) x 4.5/5mm(Thickness)
+ 1.5 EVA/IXPE underlayment (optional)
2 Production Cost in CN 0.6~0.75$/sqft
End Market Price in US 1.99~2.49$/sqft

spc waterproof flooring

How to produce SPC Waterproof Flooring?

NO. Commodity Qty Basic Edition Price
1 Mixing System (For 2 Extrusion Lines) 1 65,000$
2 SPC Floor Extrusion Line 1 135,000$
3 UV Coating Machine (For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 75,000$
4 Automatic Cutting Slotting System (For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 258,000$
5 Foam Layer Laminating System (For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 70,000$
6 Plastic Crusher & Miller (Service For 3 Extrusion Lines) 1 26,800$
7 Formula, SAT & FAT Installation, Training-3 Months 1 30,000$
FOB Shanghai Price 659,800$

Or you can see the video on youtube:

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