Tufting machine for artificial turf description:

DYT-02 type gantry artificial lawn tufting machine is specially designed for the production of artificial lawn. This machine is a cutting machine, two meters wide and four meters wide two specifications, and a variety of high selection. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, less failure and long life. It is the ideal equipment for the production of artificial turf at home and abroad.

Tufting machine for artificial turf Equipment configuration

  • ①.PLC lndustry control system
  • ②.Human-machine interface
  • ③.Dynamic monitoring system in operational mode
  • ④.Motor drive in common frequancy conversion with double main shafts
  • ⑤.Observation system for yarn break
  • ⑥.lnfrared echelette protection system
  • ⑦.lnterval style servo fabric feeding system(optional)
  • ⑧. Auto rolling device and fabric checking system
  • ⑨.Large vertical double-station creel
  • ⑩.The whole machine is built of sand-cast pig iron
  • ⑪.Self-lubricating circulate system
  • ⑫.Whole machine with needles from Groz-Beckert

Artificial turf  tufting machine Technical parameter

DYT-02-4000 type artificial lawn tufting machine main technical parameters
Weave length 3-8mm (adjustable)
Effective width 4150mm
Power supply 380V/50-60Hz
Punctate frequency 0-400RMPs
Needle pitch 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 (customizable)
Input power 35KW
Tapestry thickness 30-50mm (adjustable)
40-60mm (adjustable)
50-70mm (adjustable)
60-80mm (adjustable)
Motor speed 960rpm
Machine weight ≥13 tons
Floor area ≥200 m2

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