UL Standard SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line FAT Testing Report


UL Standard SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line FAT Testing Report

What`s the FAT for SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line?

FAT is Factory Acceptance Test, it`s a process that evaluates the equipment during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications.

FAT ensures that the components and controls are working properly according to the functionality of the equipment itself. As the name suggests, this testing is performed at the factory.

StarsPlas keep doing the 100% FAT before delivery.

More details about FAT please click here: FAT – Factory Acceptance Testing for SPC Flooring Machine

What preparations have been made by StarsPlas for the FAT?

1.Pre-Mix the Production Materials:

The raw materials were mixed from a SPC flooring factory in Changzhou, it should be mixed before 4-5 hours, otherwise the mixture materials may getting clumpy.

2.Ensure the circuits and wiring meet with UL Standard;

All of the electrical spare parts are from Allen-Bradley, as the leading Automation controlling company, Rockwell has more than 60% marketing shares in U.S.,

StarsPlas would ensure final user could be easier and faster for getting any electrical spare parts in local.

3.Ensure the working voltage are the same as in USA

Most States industry voltage in US is 480V,60Hz,3Phase, while it`s 380V,50Hz,3Phase in China, a powerful transformer should be ready for the FAT.

4.Install and assemble with each part inspection

The mechanical spare parts should be inspected before assemble, otherwise it may lead to failure, thanks for all suppliers in US project, they want to succeed as much as we do.

5.Heating the transfer oil and extruder

The extruder and T-die need 2~3 hours heating before starting up, the 4-clander need to be heating as well, but that was transferred by oil,

the oil need to be heating 6hours, that`s why the extrusion lines should be working 24hours, because it really cost a long time for ready to production.


What`s the processing for SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line FAT

Extrusion is the most critical processing during the whole SPC Rigid Core Flooring production. The excellent flatness is the basic requirements for the UV coating and Click profiling production;

The temperature controlling will decide if the deco film will be color changed or crumpled on the surface; The formulation is the guarantee for the click profile quality and installation performance.

SPC Floor Extrusion Production Processing:

Materials Loading → Plasticizing → Deco Film & Wear Layer Combining → Calibration by 4-Callanders → Double Side Trimming →

Cooling (Water cooling (Water Tank + Cooling tower 2.5kw 7months OR Chiller 30KW 5months )& Air cooling ) → Haul-off & Cutting  → Transfer Arm → Stacking.

1.Materials Loading

StarsPlas is never recommend to do manual loading, that is 100% not accepted in China and worldwide, the powder is everywhere even just for 6 hours FAT testing.


The mixture materials will be plasticized through the pre-set temperature extrusion heating zones and T-die mold, the stable temperature controlling system with Parallel Twin Screw Extruder is the best perfect solution for SPC flooring production;

3.Deco Film & Wear Layer Combining

The Decorative film (The FAT testing was using the 1350mm width film for 1050mm T-die, so that`s why it looks very wider after double trimming) and Wear Layer need to change over frequently.

The double Mezzanine can save time and improve efficiency during the daily operation, the sizes also have been expanded according to the operators in US.

4.Calibration by 4-Callanders

The horizontal design is getting common because its easier for changing the embossing roller or pull the extrusion plank when starting up;

5.Double Side Trimming

The decorative film has two width, 985mm match with 1050mm T-Die, 1280mm match with 1350mm T-Die, 95% SPC factory is using 1050mm extusion mold, so 985mm is the most common size now, customer will have much more color choose in the marketing.

6.Cooling (Water cooling & Air cooling )

The 115mm Parallel Twin Screw Extrusion Line brings the effective and stable output, so it requires the excellent cooling as well especially in summer.

StarsPlas adopt the Water Cooling through the Roller Core technology, which was validated in APCP(Aluminium-plastic Composite Panel) for many years,

there is another 4 sets powerful industrial fans after the water cooling rollers.

7.Haul-off & Cutting

The Haul-off and cutting is very standard, StarsPlas did the modification on the double side for the double trimmed collection;

8.Transfer Arm

OSIKE is the top brand of Transfer Arm machine for SPC/WPC Flooring, even that many spare parts and details should be improved according to meet with UL standard.


The Steel Pallet is necessary for SPC flooring production, there are 10 hours preservation time for UV coating processing, more details please email us for the complete proposal.


What is the different for US production?

According to our research in US marketing, the materials and electricity was same or even cheaper comparing with China except the labor cost.

Actually, the investors are more concerned about risk than cost.

Take example, the lifetime of screw and barrel are only 3 months for SPC flooring production, because the 75% high concentration calcium carbonate was super easy to wear the screw out,

if any other spare parts broken-down, the whole production line will be stop and waste lots of money and time.

SPC is very new just starting up the volume production at the end of 2015, in the same year NTD group(Top 1 Automatic PVC Mixing System Company since 1994 in China)

and XIGL company(Top 3 PVC Profile and Sheet Extrusion company since 2003) would like to build a new company focus on SPC Industry,

Starsplas was setting up in 2016 especially for SPC Floor Production System.

StarsPlas listen, learn and understand more and more from each project,  the Mission of StarsPlas is ” To build the would`s most Convenient, Quality, Valuable SPC Floor Project Solution! “

Please click here to know more about StarsPlas.


What StarsPlas did the change for US marketing?

Someone has to make a different, to change the electrical and design for UL Safety standard;

To change the machine automatically instead of relying on labor;

To improve the quality for a stable performance;

To change the supplier if any US company can offer for spare parts, it`s a continual improvement for Starsplas.

Changing is a really painful processing, However, Changing is for a better, safer and easier production processing for US floor factories.


1.Main Extruder Machine for SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line

Screw design changed from Conical Twin Screw(CTS) type into Parallel Twin Screw(PTS) Extruder with 30% energy saving.

Comparing the production cost from the SPC factory, the Parallel Twin Screw has the advantages obviously,

if the production fix at 4mm, PTS requires 4.5~5.5$/sqm, while CTS is 5.5~6.5$/sqm,

The screw Life time for PTS is 6months warrenty while the traditional CTS is 3months even less.

2.Downstream for SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line

Humanized design in 4-clander and cooling effective improved.

Starsplas changed the independent oil heating system for 4-clanders, which give the accuracy heating temperature for each roller;

The cooling unit was added the water cooling in roller core, with 4sets powerful industry cooling fans for effective improvement.

3.Spare parts and Componets for SPC Floor Extrusion Production Line

Upgraded for US standard, all of the electrical spare supplied by Allen-Bradley, which meet the UL safety requirement,

all of the automatic controlling system supplied by Rockwell.


Project Reference in US

RockPlank is a new SPC factory in 434 INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD, CARTERSVILLE,GA 30121, 

StarsPlas is the exclusive partner for a SPC flooring factory in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A,

Starsplas will share the best equipment technology update in Atlanta, the spare parts, maintainance and technical support team will be available in U.S.

Contact us for your SPC Floor Project in US: [email protected]


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