What`s the Raw Materials of SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring


What is SPC?

What`s the Raw Materials of SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring.
SPC is acronym of Stone Plastic Composition LVP vinyl Flooring.
SPC Flooring is Stone Plastic Composited flooring to replace the nature wood.
Since 1990, some 420 million hectares of forest have been lost globally to deforestation, but the rate of forest loss has declined significantly. In the last five years (2015-2020), about 10 million hectares of forest have been lost per year due to deforestation, down from 12 million hectares per year in 2010-2015.


SPC Flooring

STARSPLAS is specialized in the spc flooring production line manufacturers, let us introduce the basic knowledge of SPC flooring.

What`s the raw materials of SPC Flooring?

There are 3 main materials for the SPC rigid core.
“S” is Stone, the main ingredient of limestones is CaCO3, heavy calcium powder, mesh size is 325mesh, around 44 microns.
“P” is the plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a good insulation material to compound with CaCO3.
“C” means a combination of raw material formulated composition, there are around 3-7 kinds different processing aids mixed for the PVC & Limestone thermal synthesis.

vinyl flooring

How is SPC vinyl plank flooring constructed?

SPC vinyl flooring is rigid, durable, can withstand a lot of traffic even from the pets.
There are 5 layers different ingredients to provide such performance.

The 1st layer is UV coating layer, StarsPlas has the UV coating patent technology in USA.

The patent no. is: PCT/CN2019/078743.
The diamond coating has the high scratch resistant and wear resistant performance.

spc vinyl flooring

The 2nd layer is Wear Layer

The common thickness is 0.3mm and 0.5mm, to avoiding the warping issue, the installed SPC have the residual stress will cause the flooring curved.
StarsPlas has the upgrade formula to keep away the SPC flooring warping issue.
Ethical supply chain building is the responsibility of StarsPlas to our customers as well, we will co-invest with our supplier for the nearshore manufacturing for wear layer in Mexico.

spc flooring machine

The 3rd layer is Decorative Film

It gave the printed image on the PVC film, which will be thermal laminated with the wear layer together with the SPC rigid core layer.
The 95% Decorative film production is using the oil-based ink, StarsPlas is one of the few companies to promote the use of water-based ink supply chain management.
Water-based ink with water (45%~50%) as the solvent, VOC content is very low, small pollution to the environment. However, oil-based ink organic solvent (toluene, xylene, industrial alcohol, etc.) as a solvent. Oily ink solvent volatilization caused by air pollution, mainly liquid ink in the use of more organic solvents. Some organic solvents and some gases in the air chemical reaction, produce smelly chlorine and smoke. Serious air pollution, the growth of a variety of plants greater impact, destroy the ecological balance.

spc floorings

The 4th layer is SPC Rigid Core

The standard formulation is PVC, CaCO3, Recycling materials with 5 or 6 additives: Calcium zinc stabilizer, PE WAX, Lubricant, ACR, CPE.,etc.
There are also some combo solutions for mix 2 or 3 of them into one bag.
StarsPlas Combo is new concept to mix all recipes into one Ton Bag.
The combo ton bag can customize your formulation.
StarsPlas all additives are not on the UFLPA Entity List, ethical supply chain building is the responsibility of StarsPlas to our customers. We are working on the Made in Norther American and the nearshore manufacturing.

SPC Rigid Core

The 5th layer is the backing underlayment layer

The IXPE is the most consuming materials for underlayment, the 10 times foam rate IXPE with 1mm ~ 2mm will help the SPC flooring to provide better comfort and mute performance.
The color and pattern can be customized, StarsPlas is co-investing the IXPE production line in Mexico, it will be supplied to USA from Texas directly by Truck.


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