Which is better for wooden floor herringbone spelling or I-character spelling?


I believe everyone should be familiar with wood flooring as a home decoration material, but are you familiar with its spelling? The most common thing in modern home decoration is the herringbone spelling and the I-character spelling. At this time, some people are wondering, which one is better for the wooden floor herringbone spelling or the I-character spelling? How to choose wood flooring?Which is better for wooden floor herringbone spelling or I-character spelling?

Herringbone spelling

Herringbone spelling is a bit similar to fish bone spelling at first glance. If you distinguish it carefully, you will find that herringbone spelling is spliced together with very vivid “person” characters, which are well-organized and have a strong sense of hierarchy.

Herringbone is not suitable for all floors, because wooden floors expand and contract with heat. And the cross stitching method of herringbone makes it impossible to reserve expansion joints. Therefore, soft solid wood flooring is not suitable and most suitable It is parquet.

Using the locking technology, the male and female grooves of the floor are positive and negatively buckled to achieve seamless splicing.

Which is better for wooden floor herringbone spelling or I-character spelling?

Gongzipin – the most common

The word spelling is the most common spelling. There are two forms: one-third spelling and one-half spelling.

The one-third spelling is extended from the one-half spelling. And the stitching is aligned every two rows, which is more random.

If the spelling of I-shaped is in accordance with the convention, it is relatively ordinary. If you want to be more “cool”, you might as well make a fuss about the color of the floor and mix and match the floor with color difference to add some unexpected surprises to the space.

From a plane view, it is increasing from layer to layer. In order to have a better meaning, the one-third splicing method is also called “backgammon” splicing. As long as you dare to think, there is always a master who can help you.

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