Why is SPC Flooring Becoming More and More Popular?


1. Environmentally friendly raw materials: The main raw materials of SPC flooring are polyvinyl chloride resin, calcium powder, natural and environmentally friendly, no formaldehyde, lead and benzene, no heavy metals and carcinogens, no soluble volatiles, and no radiation.
2. Anti-skid: The SPC floor wear-resistant layer has special anti-skid properties. When wet, the feet feel more astringent and are less likely to slip.
3. Antibacterial and anti-mildew: After special anti-bacterial and anti-fouling treatment, it can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.
4. Warm and comfortable: good heat conduction and heat dissipation ability, uniform heat dissipation, and energy saving for floor heating.
5. Waterproof and moisture-proof: PVC is not hydrophilic and will not become moldy due to high humidity.
6. Ultra-thin: SPC floors are usually 3.2 mm-12 mm thick and lightweight. In high-rise buildings, it has advantages in load-bearing and space saving, and it also has advantages in building renovation.

7. Environmentally friendly and renewable: SPC flooring is a renewable floor decoration material, which is of great significance to protecting the earth’s natural resources and ecological environment.
8. High elasticity and safety: SPC flooring has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. It feels comfortable on the feet, reduces the damage of the ground to the human body, and can disperse the impact on the feet.
9. Wear-resistant: There is a transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of the SPC floor. Its wear-resistant revolution number is about 20,000. Depending on the thickness of the wear-resistant layer, it can be used for 10-20 years under normal use.
10. Sound absorption and noise reduction: SPC flooring has good sound absorption effect, making the home quieter.
11. Beautiful and fashionable: seamless splicing, no sanitary dead corners, rich colors.
12. Fire retardant: no spontaneous combustion, no toxic and harmful gases.

Starplas has been concentrating on SPC factory turnkey projects for recent years. Focuses on the production and manufacturing of SPC flooring production line. As an authorized system integrator of Rockwell in the US, and a partner of KUKA robotic systems in Germany, StarsPlas has serviced lots of projects in America and Europe from 2018 to 2022, each of which was worth more than $3 million in transactions.

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