Wood Flooring Enterprises To Promote Green Consumption And Upgrade New Technology To Achieve The Whole Scene Of Ground Paving


A few days ago, flooring enterprises issued five green consumption initiatives to promote the upgrading of green consumption of wood flooring. The contents of the joint initiative include: the initiative actively develops targeted consumption promotion policies for wood flooring categories in line with high-quality development; It is proposed that the industry enterprises take joint actions to jointly plastic the new advantages of the wood flooring industry and create new heights of the consumption value of wood flooring. It is proposed that the majority of consumers actively join the ranks of home green consumption, and do a green responsibility for environmental protection while obtaining a comfortable all-scene natural home experience; Advocating scientific guidance of floor consumption; It is proposed that all kinds of media platforms jointly promote the scientific consumption and green consumption upgrade of wood flooring.


In the upcoming China International Floor Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition, flooring companies have exhibited their new products and paving technology, to the user use scenario for the meeting point to create a comprehensive solution under the ground multi-scene.


The natural properties of wood flooring are the love of consumers
The natural properties of wood flooring show the natural look and feel of comfortable feet, which is the love of consumers. Wood absorbs moisture in a humid environment in summer and releases a certain amount of moisture in a dry climate in winter, thereby regulating the indoor small environment.


Wood flooring is used for comfortable and stable ground heating
Wood flooring is especially suitable for heating, in the north, the flooring material can be used to achieve indoor temperature and humidity balance and moderate heat; In the south, the wood floor is also a floor heating partner, and it is more energy saving to dehumidify and dry comfortably. With the progress of wood floor science and technology and the continuous improvement of production process, the vast majority of products of all categories can be used for ground heating environment, good heat transfer performance, high comfort level of temperature rise and fall; Solid wood composite wood floor structure, specially designed groove and tenon, locking technology application makes the product more stable, the joint is closer, carbonization technology makes the wood after about 200 degrees of high temperature carbonization technology treatment, its internal stress is greatly eliminated, not only more solid, but also to a greater extent to overcome the deformation caused by dry shrinkage wet expansion cold and heat changes, greatly enhance the stability of solid wood flooring. Even pure solid wood flooring can easily cope with the laying of floor heating scenes.


Wood floor health implementation standards are constantly upgraded
With the continuous upgrading of wood floor health standards, with the introduction of new types of healthy floor standards such as antibacterial and mildew, the health standard system of wood floor has been more enriched; At present, the domestic wood floor health standard level has been E1, E0, and upgraded to ENF level in 2021, and quite a number of floor brands have implemented E0 or higher ENF level standards; At the same time, F-4 star international health standards are also sought after by users. Some brands of wood flooring have also been incorporated into the national pregnancy and baby network recommended product system, adults bare feet, children crawling comfortable and worry-free.


Natural care, sports, suitable for the elderly (not slippery, in case of a fall natural elasticity to support)
New technology and derivative categories of wood flooring continue to be introduced, waterproof floor, cork floor, soft stone (PVC, stone crystal) outdoor floor, sports floor, anti-slip old floor, custom wood flooring and other new categories came into being, new materials, new processes, new technology at the same time combined with wood flooring to create a considerable number of new categories, It greatly enriches the application fields and scenes of wood flooring, and solves the needs of the use of floor paving in the whole scene of home. Kitchen, bathroom dry areas, balconies, terraces have become a new functional flooring products emerging stage. Wood flooring is not only natural and comfortable feet feel more flexible and sports protection, in the home wood flooring has become a good place to carry family fitness sports, wood flooring texture warm, soft and hard moderate, the surface is not easy to appear moisture beads, special surface non-slip structure and special material treatment has appeared “old wood flooring” this new category, Some suitable for the old floor is also specially equipped with cork layer and anti-slip paint, even if accidentally fell, can also play a support, buffer protection.


Indoor, outdoor, and Varistor restaurants socialize more easily on wooden floors
The introduction of outdoor flooring and waterproof flooring connects life and nature with natural log touch and natural color change, super weather resistance makes it fearless of time and wind and rain, and the use of aldehyde-free environmental protection materials makes the space return to natural beauty. In such a scene, wood flooring connects indoor and outdoor, and the terrace and balcony become a new scene for the laying of new wood flooring. The “climbing tiger” and the “condiment” of life have become an alternative social place, and family and friends are therefore closer. The dining room, kitchen and bedroom are integrated, the combination of static and static, the natural texture of the wooden floor decoration and the experience of comfort connect the artistic sense of the pavement, and the aesthetics and practicability are fully balanced. Wooden floor to create the guest restaurant spread scene, decorative better, the surface wear-resistant, not easy to hide dirt, kitchen bathroom dry area using kitchen and bath wood floor to play a waterproof, oil and mildew, in this K song, watch a large movie, camping on the ground, cooking together, sharing family dinner, here has become a changing space, is a new place for young people to social entertainment.


Wood floor customization and paving technology make home decoration more flexible
With the enrichment and upgrading of wood flooring paving technology, wood flooring can achieve color and combination spelling, different paving combination solutions make the original unchangeable wood flooring play new tricks and new realm; Different paving methods of wood floor make the scene effect completely different: adhesive laying can make the floor more stable, no deformation, and strong weatherability; Suspension installation can achieve convenient installation, easy disassembly, can be moved; The improvement of wood flooring paving technology and the use of special accessories can easily achieve changes in the spelling of the floor, fishbone, herringbone, and other materials as well as achieve seamless connection with other materials, and make the home more beautiful and smart at the same time. In addition, the wooden floor can be realized in the indoor stair laying, bay window laying, shaped balcony paving, saving time and effort and space.


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