Wooden Flooring “Paving” To “One Belt One Road”


Recently, in the warehouse workshop of Zhejiang Pinnacle New Material Technology Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Customs Huzhou Customs officers are exporting a batch of wood flooring for local inspection, after inspection, the goods will be released, and the enterprise workers quickly packed boxes for shipment to Thailand.

“This year, our export business to the countries along the ‘One Belt, One Road’ is developing rapidly, and there are especially many urgent orders. Thanks to the timely guidance and help from the Customs, the goods were delivered on time, which injected a ‘cardiotonic agent’ for us to develop the market. .” Manager Zhu, head of foreign trade of the enterprise, said happily, “From January to July this year, the company’s exports to Thailand grew rapidly, and the orders in the second half of the year are also very stable.”

Nanxun, Huzhou is the famous “China’s wood flooring capital”, wood flooring industry cluster has become the most active local economic clusters, with more than 2,000 wood production and processing enterprises, of which more than 400 wood flooring enterprises, to build a complete, mature, sustainable development of the green industry chain, the annual output of solid wood flooring accounted for 60% of the country!

Wooden Flooring "Paving" To "One Belt One Road"

At the same time, continue to optimize the local inspection process, promote inspection and quarantine certificates “cloud issuance” mode, targeted to do a good job of RCEP, China – ASEAN and other trade agreements preferential policy interpretation, to help the jurisdiction of the wood flooring export enterprises to enjoy the convenience of preferential policies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to help the wood flooring far, “store” overseas!

Data show that from January to July this year, Hangzhou Customs Huzhou Customs supervised the export of wood flooring to countries along the “One Belt, One Road” totaled more than 300 million yuan. At present, Huzhou wood flooring enterprises have successfully explored Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries along the “One Belt One Road” market. “The ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative is not only one of the engines of world economic growth, but also an important mechanism to promote cross-regional cooperation and mutual trust, the future will continue to go deeper and deeper, steady and far-reaching.”


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