What`s the WPC Solid Door Frame?

WPC Solid Door Frame normal sizes is 3″X2″ and 4″X2″ (1.0 High Density, Full Size, Heavy Weight); 3″X2″ Section is useful for Bathroom, 4″X2″ Section is useful for Bedroom, Balcony, Bathroom, Kitchen etc.

WPC Solid Door Frame

The WPC looks Like Wood, Better Than Wood. It`s life Long and durable, it`s the best Replacement & Perfect Alternative for Teakwood & All type of Wooden Door Frames.

High Screw Holding Capacity (All hardware fittings can be tight by screw like wood).

Frame can be fit by ‘Hold Fast’ during brick work and also by Screw/Anchor Bolt after completion of wall plaster.

Thanks for the formulation updates, the WPC door frame can be apply Primer, Paint & Polish.

The main features of WPC Door Frame:

WPC Door Frame

Termite Proof.

Water & Moisture Proof.

Fire Retardant.


High Density.

Full Size.

Heavy Weight.

No Bending, Jamming & Crack Issues.

Environment Friendly.

Green Product.

How to Produce the WPC Door Frame?

WPC Door Frame is made from PVC, CaCO3 and Wooden Powder with the foam agent and additives, the density is similar as hardwood, and the performance is better than nature wooden.

The 1st Step is Mixing, all of the materials should be weighing and loading into the mixer for compounding, both of the manual mixing and automatic mixing solution is available depend on your output and investment budget.

WPC Solid Door Frame Production Line

The 2nd Step processing is Extrusion, the materials will be extruded through the Heating barrels,  calibration dies and cooling by chilled water, finally will be packed after the cutting.

WPC Solid Door Frame Production Line

About the whole processing, you can click on it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhBvYDqdm-8

What`s the investment of the whole set machine?

NO. Commodity Qty Price ($)
1 Screw Loader 1 1,000
2 High Speed Mixer 300/600 1 10,500
3 Plastic Crusher 800 1 6,000
4 Plastic Miller 600 1 7,500
5 Door Frame Extrusion Line 1 43,000
6 Electrical Stabilizer 4 2,000
Discount FOB Shanghai Price 58,000
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