SJDS series plastic lawn monofilament production line is specially designed for the production of high quality artificial lawn monofilament

① It is suitable for the production and processing of artificial turf monofilament with polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) as raw materials.

② Multi-station mixing batching system evenly mixes all kinds of functional masterbatch, with formula storage function.

(3) Intelligent man-machine interface control system with centralized control, data storage, fault alarm and other functions, easy to operate.

④ The high precision die head-porous flow equalization technology guarantees the high quality of the monofilament.

Artificial turf drawing machine

Artificial turf drawing machine Technical parameter

Screw Dia 70mm 90mm
Max. out put 180kg/h 250kg/h
Number of wires 144 204
Winder No. 36 ingot 72 ingot
Max. Speed 200m/min
Tape Denier 600-2000 denier


Plastic artificial turf drawing machine Equipment composition (optional)

  1. Raw material feeder
  2. Automatic weighing and measuring batching device
  3. Extruder
  4. Automatic network changing device
  5. Melt metering pump
  6. Static mixer
  7. Die head
  8. Cool the water tank
  9. Traction device
  10. Hot water tank
  11. Water removal device
  12. Drafting device
  13. Hot Air oven
  14. Styling device
  15. Negative pressure flat wire collection system
  16. Winding machine
  17. Servo direct drive main motor
  18. Cooling water tank constant temperature control system
  19. Multiple setting device
  20. Hot air oven
  21. Water cooler

We provide professional Artificial turf production line, welcome to order!

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